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Entrenet Nutrition

Has anyone heard anything about this company? I know there was a thread a while back about internet scams, but a search of the site didn’t turn up any hits. At first glance it sounds like a network/pyramid marketing scam.

My friend was telling me about them, and then tried to get me to go talk to one of their reps (I refused), and from what I’ve read online, it seems like a complete farce. That and I tend to be pretty skeptical when companies start espousing “natural cures”, &c.

The website is:

While she isn’t a close friend or anything, I hate seeing somebody get scammed into buying some BS product. Furthermore, I think they utilize a sort of unofficial religious theme (read some of the testomonials on the site) to net customers in with what is perhaps undeserved trust.

Then again, they could be completely legit. I only have my instincts. Has anybody heard of them, dealt with them, &c?