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Entourage Series Finale


What did you guys think?


It sucked. They needed about 8 more episodes to resolve the story lines properly. ALthough that scene was pretty good. She's kinda boney though.


Really, really bad.

Usually HBO is pretty good about not going all Deux Ex Machina in the last ep.

It feels like the rest of the season was just some flimsy excuse for a cheesy happy-ending cliche.


Ehh, I liked it. Rushed, yes, another 4 eps like normal would have been best.

I heard there may be a movie though so maybe that was the reason.

I don't seem to recall that scene???


Did Saigon make an appearance anywhere in the final season?

That dude is genuinely one of the best rappers in the game right now. His album Greatest Story Never Told is probably album of the year in my book.

I have to thank Entourage for letting me discover him.

"I pop a pussy person for purposely perpetrating..."


lol - should watched until the end, it was after the credits. You missed a big chunk of the ending brah. They leave a storyline open.


No he didn't


Seriously, I was pissed about this one.

Even if they stuck to the old 'Vince's career is fucked again' schtick I would have enjoyed it, but they didn't even bother this time.

Not to mention we didn't get anything for Drama or Turtle, the most endearing characters, in my opinion...


Because it happened in the episode prior.


Fuck, now I have to fast forward through thirty minutes of shit.

You know how long that takes on Comcast?


If they give Vince and Ari and E happy endings, Drama and Turtle should get them, as well. I don't know about everyone else, but I always thought they were more interesting.



Turtle became a millionaire in the last episode. Throughout the series he's basically been trying to get out from under Vince's shadow and finally did it.

Drama's situation with his show was resolved and he finally got a big break by being cast in a movie with Vince. They did receive happy endings.


I'll have to rewatch the episode.

I might have been drunk the last time.

However, based on what I remember, it all still sort of magically worked out.

Does anyone know why the last season ran 8 eps?


So was the show satirizing or glamorizing Hollywood?


I think it's because the viewership for the show has been in steady decline. Also I didn't mean last episode, I meant 2nd last episode w/ respect to Drama and Turtle's happy endings.


A bit of both.


I think it's main purpose was not about getting girls or the Hollywood lifestyle but about brotherhood, friendship and male bonding. If the show was basically about having ridiculous amounts of wealth and getting girls (e.g. the Hollywood lifestyle) it wouldn't've gone for 8 seasons.


^^ correct.

Hollywood serves as the backdrop and the "lifestyle" serves to create plot points and situations that the characters must deal with. The portrayal of the industry and of the scene swings back and forth between glamorizing and satirizing (with earlier seasons being more towards the former and later seasons more towards the latter).

The point is really about the relationships between friends and the way each grows and deals with changing situations. What draws you in, on SOME level is the fantasy of living that lifestyle--but ultimately, it's not relateable and you'd lose interest. What keeps you coming back is internalizing the interactions and deciding how you'd act in those situations.

Even if you can't relate to figuring out whether XYZ movie would be a good fit, you can understand job trouble; or living in your brothers shadow; or being too into your job.

In most groups of friends there's that one guy that seems to have everything come easy to him, and everyone else is sort of a planet to his star. The show explores a lot of that.

This was all done in much the same way as Sex and the City. Manhattan was the backdrop, sex and relationships as talking points.

I don't think the average woman in Oklahoma could relate, but the draw was the conversations and friendships between the characters, which are in some ways universal.


I felt all that was true earlier, but it seems lately that they just sold out. As fantasized as it was, the past few seasons have felt less 'real', culminating in the finale.

I mean Arnold wasn't even mentioned. SRSLY WTF.



As I mentioned, the later seasons are more satirical, especially with celebs playing exaggerated versions of themselves.

But, yea, the last 3 seasons...meh. I think they realized with season 6 (mediocre at best) that the "Vince can't do the movie...insert obstacle...insert shenanigans...insert solutions...Vince does movie!" storyline wouldn't work again.

They went the other way in 7, overreached and realized the fans didn't want dark and depressing.

In this season, they were just trying wrap it up, pay some homage to the characters, which unfortunately meant creating something unsatisfying for the fans.