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Entourage Season 6


Hey T-Nation!

It's that time of year again. ENTOURAGE SEASON SIX begins July 12th @ 9pm on HBO & HBO Canada.

Did any of you watch season five? Did you like it?

Personally I thought some episodes were good and some were random. Much better than season four but I still think season six could make or break this shows history.


Dammit... I've only seen one episode from Season 5!

I really need that to come out soon so I can catch up before Season 6.


Shroom epidsode was epic. Drama cracks my shit up all the time!


Ahhh I didn't know it was coming back so early! Great news...I'm stoked for this season, simply because they'll be succeeding again and will be "ballin" again. In an article I read on season 6 it said it was going back to the roots of the show like in Season 1. So needless to say I am much excited for this season as Entourage is my favorite show.


really excited for it, saw the whole season 5 and the finale had me itching