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Entourage Season 5


Link to the new trailer.

Anybody here watch the show and excited for the upcoming season? What did you all think of Season Four?


Yes, and yes. I have to buy the season four dvds, haven't seen it yet.


I love the show but to much Eric and turtle last year, they need to bring Johnny Drama back to the foreground he and Piven make that show.


I love entourage i could watch it all day.. Drama and Ari definitely make the show. Season 4 was good I need to pick up the dvd. I dont have HBO though so ill have to find somewhere to watch the new season coming up


I just bought Season 4 today, I'll be watching it before the Season 5 premier. Looking forward to it, though.


niiiice. i guess im gonna have to wait to get Fios til after the season.


I think it's a great show. I like E's life being at the forefront. I feel like he is the main character. I agree with more Drama, but not necessarily less Turtle.

I have also heard the they are bringing Dom back, which would truly piss me off. That's one character I was glad to see be gone.


Agreed. He wasn't funny and just generally fucked up the flow of the episodes he was in.


I was just as relieved as E when Dom left.

Season 4 was a bit of a let-down. I hope 5 is as good as the first three.


awesome show. cant wait till the new series.


Season Four was AWFUL. The first two seasons were pretty good, went downhill after that, when I watched the clips of his Pablo Escobar movie it looked like self-parody.

The show was fun when it was Sex and the City for guys, i.e. easy escapism with great ass. They try to be more than that and it starts to suck in a hurry.