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Entire Affliction Trilogy Card Canceled


[i]In a matter of days Affliction Entertainment's "Trilogy" event when from promising the top heavyweight fight in mixed martial arts to being canceled outright, multiple sources confirmed to SI.com Friday morning.

Affliction Entertainment vice president Tom Atencio began making calls with the news Friday morning to fighters scheduled to appear on the Aug. 1 card, SI.com has learned.

The abrupt change comes in the wake of 31-year-old Josh Barnett testing positive for banned substances following a California State Athletic Commission pre-fight drug test.[/i]

Well that sucks.


Is this unprecedented? I've never heard of a card being cancelled like that. Honestly don't know what to think. Is Affliction done or is this just the writing on the wall?


I don't see them bouncing back after the hit they are going to take on this. They were already barely making it.



Well,it's possible that they could be done.....but I think we're jumping the gun is saying that is the case because of this. I think it was a bad move to cancel the entire show. I wonder what Fedor and/or his management have to say about this...and/or if they had a say so in the decision to cancel the show.

I do know that Fedor has one fight left on his contract. Will be interesting to see how this pans out...but too many people are taking this situation to mean that Affliction is dead/done. That remains to be seen. I'm sure some of this is energized by people's thoughts/assumptions that Fedor will sign to the UFC.


I think he'll go to Strikeforce.


I guess Dana White was right in saying that Affliction would not last. Maybe he slipped Josh Barnett the banned substance to get Fedor and wreck Affliction? Just sayin.


I'm pretty sure affliction is HORRIBLY in the red on the fights. It was pretty doubtful they'd get another show going after this one, would be this is the announcement before the chapter 11 announcement.


disappointing to say the least. This can't hurt the UFC's chances of signing Vitor and Fedor. Or anyone else under Affliction. I can't imagine how pissed I would be if I were one of the fighters on this card.

Bust your ass for how many months, rack up training bills, and then kiss your paycheck goodby. All becuase one fighter failed a drug test? How fucking mickey mouse is that? Good luck getting fighters even if you do decide to put on another show.


This was really a matter of time.

Afflicition entire foundation and draw is built on Fedor. Even if it's a great fighter like Fedor you can't base your entire pay per view draw on one fighter. eventually it's going to bite you in the rear.


do you think that they will get some sort of compensation pay? if not would the fighters be in a position to sue them for money?

from an uneducated point of view of these kind of things it seems as though contractually the fighters would be entitled to some sort of pay check, no?


I'd hope so, training camps can't be cheap.




Figures. Now it's time to see where M-1 Global stands in this matter.




I read somewhere that most fight contracts do not offer pay unless the fighter actually fought, which is unfortunate.


Then Josh Barnett must be one hated sumbitch by the other fighters on that card (or heck in the whole organization).


Yep. Just a few fleeting glances at MMA websites have revealed to me so far: Mousasi disparaging him, and Brock saying he "made the wrong choice" to take whatever he did. Also, Forrest revealed that a lot of guys who train with him won't be getting paid now. I wonder if Barnett will ever fight again.


man, that fucking sucks.

hope those guys will get compensated some way, or at least picked up quick by another organization....


I honestly wouldn't be surprised if his career was over.

I mean, even if the UFC wind up signing him:

  • he's gonna be getting paid much, much, less than I'm sure Affliction was paying him (and much less than he would have gotten paid by the UFC prior to this mishap)

  • he probably won't get a title shot for a looooong time (if ever)

  • he may have lost any sponsorships/endorsement deals that he had going

On the upside for him, he's only 32 and may have some decent years left in him. So, it's not impossible that he could make a comeback.


I think most of these guys, particularly Barnett will head to japan- to dream.
Barnett has some "pro-wrestling" crap he does out there.