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Enth/Dec/Tbol Cycle

Hey all, looking at running a cycle with the below cycle
Test Enth 500mg/w 1-10
Deca Durab 500mg/w 1-10
T-bol 4omg/d 8-12

Iv’e done a few cycles, though this is first time trying deca. Ive read differing view’s on the ratio of test vs deca, am aware that some recommend high dec with low test to avoid the dreaded deca dick, to those that push the higher test with a lower deca assistance thrown in.

Will be shooting twice per week, ive previously trialed both 2x vs e3d for enth, noticed no difference besides the hassle of keeping track of injections with the e3d approach.

27 yo 93kg 185cm tall
B 140 S 160 D 230

Goals; Lean mass, will be competing in boxing/MMA so want to stay at Light heavy (91kg)

How’s this look. Once again im a rookie with the Deca, so any adive and rationale appreciated, especially from those with personal experience.


Wait those are your max lifts???!!

I hope that’s not in pounds

Just be aware that if your trying to stay in a weight class, deca is going to put some weight on you, especially if its your first time using it. So adjust/decrease your caloric intake accordingly. I would run the test 2 weeks longer than the deca as well, either an 8/10 or 10/12 week cycle.

I’m Aussie, the weights are in kegs mate. I will not be competing whilst on the course, ive had issues with my knee (dislo etc) hoping the deca helps a bit.
Popeye, i was under impression deca half life was around 6days, which is about hte same as enth, what’s your reasoning for dropping it off a little earlier mate?

Its actually 14-18 day half life. I have not run deca in a long time but when I do I it ends like this:
PCT , 21 days from last deca shot and 14 days from last test injection.

This is your first round of deca so you dont know how bad its going to shut your shit down so I said 2 weeks. Remember deca is a 19nor and shuts you down harder than test.

Just checkin haha, ya deca can shut you down pretty hard and you want plenty of time to let the deca clear before pct

No worries, so ill run the enth that little longer. Have you guys tried running arimidex along with your dec? how’d did that go for stopping shutdown? also how do you feel about equal mg’s of enth and dec?

Test vs Deca ratio will be user dependent. Some guys can run crazy high amounts of deca with little problems, others small amounts give them lots of sides. You will have to see how you respond. Thats why its almost always recommended to run test higher than the deca, especially your first time at it.

Running adex regardless you still will be shut down. Last time I ran deca I was at 500mg test e, 300mg deca. I’ve always heads more test then deca but I’m sure people have ran equal of both

Also look into some caber or prami

Good spot Buds, i forgot to mention Caber!

deca seems like kind of a weird choice if you want to stay in your weight class