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Entertainment Newz, just for Youz

Gotta bunch of stuff here:

X2: Sir Ian McKellan (Magneto), has a official site, just posted some news about the production: http://www.mckellen.com/ cinema/xmen2/lair/021008.htm (space at "/" and "cinema").

Steven Spielberg is working on a "King Arthur Project" for HBO. Don't expect "Excalibur" type of "magical foolishery" here folks. A brief:

?"Steven Spielberg is to demolish the "myth" of Camelot in a television film series about King Arthur that does not feature a round table, Excalibur, Merlin or knights. The series, which is due to be shot in Britain next year, will oppose the traditional view of Camelot as a cloud-covered city of towers and battlements by portraying it as a simple Roman fort. Perhaps most contentiously, King Arthur will be a humble blacksmith who does not become king by drawing the sword Excalibur from a stone, as depicted in legend - instead he is feted because he can create steel from iron ore." Okay, I'll reserve my opinion UNTIL I see this, Spielberg's vision, on the screen....but color me skeptical....

Clips of the upcoming "The Transporter" can be seen here: http://filmforce.ign.com/ articles/373/373384p1.html (space at "/" and "articles")

T3: Pablo Helman, special effects supervisor of T3, was recently intereviewed by The Arnold Fan and spoke of some of the new technology used in the film, go here: tp://www.thearnoldfans.com/ news/258.htm (space at "/" and "news").

And one more tidbit, cuz, I know you're all just WAITING (albeit with bated breath) for this news: the DVDs's of Footloose and Flashdance are about ready to be released! Woo hoo! hee hee.


I dig the new Arthur context. More Conan-ish, less Richard Geare on a white pony.

I can’t wait to see The Transporter. :slight_smile:

Spielberg has produced some great movies and has done some great projects and causes. There are several great lessons to be learn in Arthur’s legend, most of them added after the fact of course.
Now here it comes. A man of Jewish faith downgrading a Christian myth! We will here more about this I am sure. In a country that allows a singer from the Islands to call the Secretary of State a Slave. Watch out.