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Entertaining and Interesting British Thread


The article is okay -- nothing so special as to post though -- but the various comments, mostly from the British -- are entertaining and interesting, and several cuts above what is typical for comments posted to online articles of American newspapers:



I don't know how I feel about this.

Obama and Brown are both wankers, difficult to decide who I dislike more.

Having said that it wouldn't kill the U.S. to be a little bit more reciprocal to Britain.


I have read 10 comments now and have not seen one "fuck" or any Nazi references.

What is wrong with these people?


Goodwin's Law ... don't worry, if it hasn't happened yet, it will


Telegraph is pretty right wing but also quite wordy normally therefore most of the people who would write something retarded would be reading the Mail instead.

As for the actual article, snubbing Brown is probably the best thing Obama has done in a while, Brown is an idiot who is only marking time till the next election.


Brown is such a contemptuous, piece of shit, traitor I don't blame Obama at all. It is very much in keeping with the Obama style to treat people who cannot help him or who may be a liability as expendable.

Contrary to what Cock says the Telegraph is not a right wing paper by any stretch of the imagination. Their nickname is the Torygraph. They are not worth taking the time to write comments to because they heavily censor what gets posted.

At the European elections back in June Labour only got 14 percent of the vote. So there is no way in hell Brown will be around after June 2010. Obama is just saving himself for the nu Tony Bliar aka David Cameron who himself may not make it to Prime Minister if the big vote next month goes bad.


Still, the problem is that any nation perceives both how its ambassador is treated and certainly how the head of state is treated as representing how the nation is being respected or disrespected.

Rather than simply being a reflection or statement on the person individually.


The nickname is the Torygraph because they are strong supporters of the Tory party also known as the Conservitives. The conservative party is the right wing party in the UK so do you want to try that one again Sifu?


I think sifu's point is that the Tory party rather like Labour were is such a rush to occupy the middle ground over the last decade that they can no longer really be called right wing. Just as Labour are no longer left wing. They're pretty much both just self serving groups of power hungry people with no principles...


I think you give Sifu too much credit.


Happily, the Scottish Git is not our Head of State. If Obama dissed the Queen, then there'd be trouble. All we can do is laugh at Brown. Absolutely nothing goes right for him.


You know, I had a strong feeling that was wrong as I typed it (Brown is of course not head of state, but Prime Minister), but at that moment lacked the mental gifts to figure why it was wrong. Thanks.


Emphasis mine. Isn't interesting how insightful a disinterested "recent transplant" can be. Excellent post in it's entirety.

EDIT: You're right, I just read about 50 or 60 posts. Very interesting.


You are completely out of touch with reality. Living over there and drinking the Koolaid has warped your sense of perspective. They are conservative in name only. The only reason why they are thought of as right wing is because the political spectrum in Britain is so far to the left that simply being to the right of Labour is considered right wing. Compared to the Tory's Americas Democrats are right wing.

The Tory's are so far left that their MEP's (ie FOX's Eurostar, Daniel Hannan) just voted to re-elect José Manuel Durão Barroso as the European Comission President! Barrosso used to be a member of the Portuguese Communist Party. When Barosso was in college he was a leader in the underground Maoist MRPP, aka Reorganising Movement of the Proletariat Party, later PCTP/MRPP Communist Party of the Portuguese Workers/Revolutionary Movement of the Portuguese Proletariat. That is why Barosso is a leading proponent of the Lisbon Treaty which is going to turn Europe into a Soviet state.

True Conservatives do not support big government and they sure as hell do not support communists. Come on now Cock how blatantly obvious do things have to be before you will admit to reality? David Cameron bills himself as the Nu Tony Bliar and has moved the party over to the left to be like Nu-Labour. Many of the top people in Labour have Marxist backgrounds. ie When he was younger Jack Straw was known as a radical Marxist. He was so radical that when he went to live in Cuba the home office gave directions to the embassy in Havanna to keep an eye on him!

The political center in Britain has moved so far to the left that even though the conservatives are now trying to emulate a party that is run by people who in college were Marxist Anarchist radicals they are still considered right wing. People in Britain have completely lost the script.


Ah but! Gordo isn't the head of state. At this point I don't think think they would even want him as the keeper of the Royal Stool.


My local Tory MP when I was growing up supported bringing back birching as punishment for Criminals. Yes there has been a dive for the centre over recent years but there are still some very right wing members of the Tory party I can assure you.

Funnily enough I spent my last year back in the UK running a project for the office of the Deputy Prime Minister which was hilarious given that most of the backers of my company were politically slightly to the right of Genghis Khan. To say I am out of touch with British Politics is a bit of a stretch. I would guess that I sat down for a drink with a British MP slightly more recently than you last did.


There is always some asshole who wants to bring back birching. There are countries that have low crime and orderly societies without torturing people. I was really disappointed when the BNP listed birching as part of their law and order policy.

The problem with the Tory's is when they choose to be right wing it's for archaic bullshit like birching that very few support and just makes them look out of touch.

The so called center that they have been diving for is actually quite far to the left. It has made the tory's appear to have no real values and willing to say anything just to get power.

Let me guess the project was government spin doctor. So you know an MP and maybe a deputy PM so what. It didsn't give you any special insight. Evidenced by the fact that you still couldn't read the mood of the people well enough to accept that the BNP were rapidly gaining popularity when I pointed it out to you back in January. Then after they won two MEPs you still couldn't accept why they had won and started making up lame excuses that imagined how they could have been beat.

Face the facts Cock. With only 14 percent of the vote in June Labour support has absolutely imploded. Tory's only received 28 percent of the vote. Combined they still received less than half of the vote. Greens, UKIP and BNP combined received 27.5 percent which is only half a percent less than the Tory's. That center the Tory's are fighting Labour for is not the true political center it's just the center between those two odious parties.

The Tory's could very well be the next party to implode. The release of No Exspences Spared combined with next months referrendum could very well kick off the demise of the Tory's.

UKIP is another party that could very well implode. UKIP only has MEP's, some of whom are not British and don't even live in Britain who would not have their very high paying jobs without the EU. Only an idiot cannot see that without the EU UKIP has no reason to exist. All it would take is for people to wake up and realize that UKIP is a scam and they are done.

The only alternative to UKIP, the BNP has a reason for existance without the EU and noone can question that their first priority is the interests of Britain. Also the leaders of the BNP have proven that they are willing to personally suffer for their beliefs while UKIP's leader has taken over 2 million pounds in questionable expenses from his EU post.

The Greens are another party that BNP provides an alternative to. The exploding population is placing increasing burdens on the environment. Green space is being used for new housing developments. Water supplies are reaching their limit. There is more waste and pollution being produced. BNP has polices that will address that.


By sending them all home?


When there are millions of illegal immigrants who never applied for legal permission to live there, hundreds of thousands of bogus asylum seekers and failed asylum seekers who have had their cases heard and rejected why not?

It costs about 18,000 pounds for each one of those asylum cases to be processed through the courts. If they are not going to send them home when their appeal fails what is the point in spending all that money?

In the last decade the number of immigrants Britain has taken in has been equal to the numbers America took in during it's mass immigration heyday of the late nineteenth early twentieth century.

Labour has for it's own ends turned immigration into an unrestricted free for all. There was never a referendum or a mandate from the voters to do what they have done. So there is no legitimacy to it.


So you know so much about British politics that you appear to be totally unaware of one of the major parties. Funny, very funny!