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Am I the only one who likes it? I’ve read alot about how the fans, Paramount brass and just about everybody in between isn’t satisfied. Just wondering if I’m alone out here. I really think it did already in the first season. Consider that all of the other series (including the almighty, TNG) had rough 1st seasons. With episodes like ‘Mine Field’ and ‘Dead Stop’, I think season two is just continuing to improve. Thoughts, anybody? Oh… if you happen to not like Trek and feel the need to flame, just… don’t. Cool? Thanks. This thread is reserved for us trek-people. :slight_smile:

Woah! That one line made no sense whatsoever. It should read: “I really think it did alright in the first season.” Sounds better that way, don’t it? :wink:

For not posting in your thread earlier…was kinda bizzy.

Hey, did you read that link I posted in my Star Trek: Nemesis thread? It will tell you what may happen to the current creative team of Enterprise and a possible new Star Trek series that will star some former NG members. It's really interesting......a certain must read for Trekkies...

Patricia :-)

I’m sorry Ike, I think the series stinks almost as bad as bad as voyager. I see what they’re trying to do, but I think they are failing. They should have given the series a rest for a while. That’s what it really needs.

Patricia: Oh, you’d better believe I read it all up. I dunno where they plan to go with the franchise… I feel like I’m walking on eggshells right now.

Bronx: The first 3-4 seasons of Voyager were basically terrible. Toward the end, however, I thought it actually it started to improve quite a bit. My general rule of thumb is you need to watch at least 80% of the final 3 seasons to make a determination. I, personally, dislike DS9 far more than any other series. (I think it was the whole ‘prophets’ thing.)

Well I liked DS9. At least it was definitely the most action packed of any of the Trek series. And Voyager’s premise was great: to send this ship and crew to the outskirts of the Galaxy and have them find their way back. Wow - but HOW boring of a series?! Brannon Braga and Rick Berman have to blame on making much of Star Trek a snorfest. IMO.

They have a half Klingon/Human chick and they put her in....Engineering?!!! And the possibilities with a former Borg was endless and yet...yup, she became as boring as well.

The franchise desperately needs new blood. It's good to see they are bringing them in now. There is hope. I have always been a Trek fan - and I don't believe they should end the franchise now. No way.

I like enterprise. Its got that, humans will be aight in the future appeal. But the one thing that threw me for a sec was that the vulcans are all bad a$$ now, and in TNG there our bitches. What’s up with that? The one vulcan chick is hot… I like saying stupid “sexual” things when she talks like: I’d like to tranceiver array you! hehe

But the thing I like most about the new trek is that it has a lot more action then previous treks. Hell the first season double part episode had more action then the entire first season of voyager or what not.

I agree that Voyager did get better, but that’s like being a quadrapalegic and finding out you can wiggle a toe after 4 years. What really pisses me off about the whole series is that it had enormous potential and they screwed it up. Janeway was the most annoying character. Somehow she knew everything, every position. That’s not a captain’s job. Captains are human and have a crew so that the responsabilites can be delagated. Look at Picard, shatner (for some reason I can not pull out his damn character’s name!). and she was the most limited of actors. She should have stayed making Fire safety videos. Everything that was cool from TNG, they somehow fucked up. The Borg? They ran into the ground and killed. Q? Not even his infinite powers could save him from the horrible writing on that show. Also, every species was just another forehead alien. All they did was add a little makeup to an actor’s forehead and voila! Instant alien. No need to think out an innovative species. Also, the doctor character was just too much of a rip off of Data. No one cares if a hologram can have a family (How in the hell did that one work?). and seven of nine. Well, the only question I have is did she even have a head, cause I sure didn’t notice! :wink: But I liked DS9 because it took Roddenberry’s vision for a different spin. It still dealt with the social commentary and the meeting of species, but was done in such a cool way. Especially with the heavy plot twists. And I can see how the prophets stuff could have been annoying, but Avery Brooks is such a cool ass dude that he just makes it work.

I’m watching ‘Firefly’, it has a very different flavor than most other space operas.

Hi there. I am just curious about why you think the Borg were ruined in Voyager. I thought they did a pretty good job evolving them and giving them depth. It was also kinda cool when Borg met their match and were taken down a peg by species 8472.

Although I do agree DS9 was great. I liked the continuing story arc with the dominion war. Garak was awesome. I think his devolopement was the most interesting out of everybodies.

Yup, Firefly is great! Thank god, for Joss Whedon! Let’s hope the ratings pick up - so that the show ain’t cancelled!

I’ve got some problems with Enterprise (but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it.) Why are these guys cruisin’ the galaxy at warp 4? In the original, warp 1 was pretty much standard speed, and the original happens AFTER Enterprise. And the writers are doing a pretty poor job of dealing with the technology differential. There’s lots of stuff we’re familiar with from the original that shouldn’t have been invented yet in Enterprise, yet we’re seeing it all the time. If not from Enterprise, then from the aliens. How many times has the tiny transporter been used to save the day already? Give me a break! Can’t the writers use a little more imagination?

And don’t even get me started on ship mounted phase cannon the size of shoe boxes. All of sudden we find out the Enterprose DOES have phasers, they’re just not hooked up yet? Sheesh!

Despite my rambling critique, I find I do like the show. Much more than either Voyager or DS9.

Hey Al. Well, while they did have some interesting things to do with the borg, I think they just used the Borg as a crutch. They used them too often. The Borg were mysterious and only used in a few TNG episodes. Voyager had at least twenty, with only a handful of them being good. I just think that Voyager had very poor writers despite the potential it had. And the species they came up with that was the next up on the food chain from the Borg was a little weak. While a nice idea, I don’t think Voyager deserved to be making major changes in the Borg story arc. And now that I think about it, please don’t get me started on the glaring disregard to fundamental physics that they showed just to get out of a jam.