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Entering Training/Fitness Profession


I'm hoping someone out there dealt with a similar situation, and is maybe able to provide some insight, opinion, or suggestions - any ideas would be appreciated.

The story: Graduating college in a few months. My bachelor's degree is in Information Systems (IT) but somewhere along the line I made some major lifestyle changes and got devoted to health, nutrition, and lifting. I can pretty easily get a job in IT, but being that this is what I am most passionate about, I would like to try to work in the field in some capacity.

So I just finished getting my NSCA-CPT personal trainer certification. I am planning on getting the NSCA-CSCS (for group/team settings) in a few months down the line as well.

Is my only option getting a basic training job at a gym like Bally's? Is there another way of starting to work in the field? I realize that there are sometimes internships available to those with the CSCS, which is why I am planning to get that cert. Anyone been in a similar position? If so, what did you do?

(Located in NYC right now for school, but flexible on relocating if opportunities are better elsewhere).


Well... I think your best option is to get a job with the degree that you spent the last couple of years of your life achieving.

That way you're employable and have career specific job skills.

From there, do some part time PT'ing but I wouldn't make it a career unless you're absolutely certain AND have a few months experience in the field.

Don't waste your degree man. Use it. Even if you only work with it for 3-4 years, you can save up enough cash to set up your own facility and do it right, instead of being a disinfectant monkey at a commercial gym.

Think with your head. Go for the option that will bring in the most benjamins. Then you'll have more options.