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Entering PL Comp


Well i googled Irish Powerlifting Competitions that will be in 2011.

Turns out there will be one in Limerick in December 2011

03/12/11 Squat/Deadlift Championships - Limerick

I left a message to see if there's one earlier... instead of being a spectator i think i should leap off the deep end and enter.

I saw Big Benchers thread of people's 1st Powerlifting Competition with another 11 months of training maybe i can try it out.

Any Irish or UK people know what i should be aiming at Weight wise both Boyweight as in should i try go for a lower bodyweight for my 1st attempt and Squat/Deadlift. Is the Sumo Deadlift a competition Deadlift ?

Currently i'm at since July:

85kg/187lb for Bench
165kg/364lb for Squat
180 kg/397lb for Sumo Deadlift.

I'll have to start taking videos to get more feedback -now i have something to aim it !