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Entering Fat Loss Phase-Vent

You know those moments leading up to your first day of your leaning out phase…you know…when your getting yourself all psyched up and mentally prepared…then you think, well it shouldn’t be that hard I’m already eating clean, lifting hard, doing the energy system work but, the fat is not coming off! So, you know you have to go on a leaning out phase.

Then food seems to become even more present then it was before, like it wasn’t enough before with all the food prep, cause everyhing is whole foods, the big lunch boxes cause you split everything and carry everything, now its gets even worse with the food plan, calorie calculations, marco ratios, weighing the food once again to get use to portion sizes…again.

I thought my mental prepardness of the yesterday and over the last few days would help me today…but NO, not one bit, its just as hard as I thought it would be and WORSE.

The first day and the first few days are pure hell. I thought to myself: be positive, be tough don’t be a sour puss. Well I’M SCREAMING LOUD AS HELL CAUSE THIS AIN’T NO FUN!

Of course all get through this day and the others but it feels pretty damn good to say this sucks! You get used to those extra 200-300 even 400 cal a day and you get use to eating comfortably to keep your belly nice and full even if it is cleean food, its still calories.

Hopefully this venting post will stop me from spending the rest of my afteroon being a grouch and that I will be able to continue as usual.

We learn to appreciate the strength it takes for those first few days.

Yes, being on a diet sucks. I usually hate to eat and I ate 'til I almost threw up when I was on my bulking diet. I kept looking forward to the day that I can start cutting and not have to eat so much. And now, everything has changed since I’ve got on the Velocity Diet.

There is food is everywhere!

However, I try to remember why I’m dieting. Even though food looks good right now, it’s just a temporary pleasure, whereas a body transformation would last much longer. And, weighing myself this morning at 6lbs lighter than I did last week also keeps me motivated!

Cutting diets will pass… just keep focused on your goal. :slight_smile: