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Entering 6th Week of TRT, Estrogen Levels High

Just to give a quick update. My doctor only prescribes 25mg of Test Cyp a week. I have been taking a different dosage because from trial and error… it makes me feel much better. I take approx 87mg of test cyp every 3rd day. My mind isn’t clogged anymore… I have energy… and I actually want to do things around my house… and go to the gym.

I’m totally new at this… and I know my estrogen levels are crazy high. My nipples aren’t that sensitive (people have told me that extreme sensitive nipples are a sign of high estrogen.)

My insurance covers blood work from my doctor… that’s why I haven’t seen a TRT specialist. It’s just a normal family doctor who has been monitoring me.

Again… I take around 87mg of Test Cyp every 3rd Day. I’m not taking any AI’s.

I don’t have the results of the Testosterone levels yet… but should be receiving them Monday or Tuesday.

Here are the results I have so far…

Total Estrogens - 401 pg/mL (Standard Range 40-115 pg/mL)

Vitamin B12 - 844 pg/mL (Standard Range 271 - 1000 pg/mL)

T3 Free - 3.1 pg/mL (Standard Range 1.7 - 3.7 pg/mL)

Free T4 - 1.10 ng/dL (Standard Range 0.8 - 1.8 ng/dL)

Thyroid Peroxidase Auto Anitbody - <10 IU/mL (Standard Range 0-35 IU/mL)

So again… I’m just looking for advice in what to do… I do have Anastrozole 1mg tablets… but I’d rather wait for the doctor to prescribe something etc. I’ve heard of dosing 0.25 mg every other day. I’ve heard of dosing 0.25 only on injection days. I really don’t know what to do? I’ve also heard that Total Estrogen tests aren’t that accurate… that my doctor should of used a “sensitive estrogen test” code? The blood work was done just before my injection that day… so in all essence that Estrogen score would be rock bottom… even though it’s HIGH.

Any advice? Thank you.

Redo the labs. I don’t believe that number and you get bad labs sometimes. You’d be bloated beyond belief at that number and suffering.

Should have been estradiol (E2) and either the immunoassay (IA) or liquid chromatography/dual mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS, aka “sensitive”) is fine.

No anastrozole without high E2 symptoms.

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Really hope your doc knows and is okay with your screw up where your taking near 7x what your doc prescribes. If not you need a new doc because 25mg a week is absolutely stupid and will provide no benefit at all. What your taking is more in line with an actual dosage.

25mg a week is stupid, there’s no point at that level.

I agree though, repeat the tests and make sure it’s the sensitive estradiol test. If you don’t have symptoms then don’t start with an AI

The guidelines say 200mg every 2 weeks (100mg divide it by 2), I do not understand how your doctor arrived at 25mg weekly which is enough for a child! Your self prescribe TRT is a little much, you should be out of medicine long before your refill.

You don’t even have the correct estrogen testing, estrogen sensitive is what you should be using. If you recently changed your dosage your levels are in flux for 6 weeks, if you at any time change the dosage again, you levels will be in flux for another 6 weeks.

If SHBG is lower, twice weekly may not be the optimal choice. Where is TSH and RT3 testing?

There is no TRT specialist is managed healthcare, they are all private in anti-aging and sports medicine. Anastrozole 0.050 wrecks me, I’m known as an AI over-responder, aromasin is gentler if dosing 1/10 of a tablet. Your goal should be to increase the frequency of you shots and adjust your dosages to avoid having to use it.

You may need ED or EOD dosing to get estrogen under control, daily dosing was the only protocol where no AI was needed because estrogen was under 35. My SHBG is lower and body fat is high which usually means high estrogen.

I appreciate all the posts fellas. I have to learn how to “quote” what you guys write… so it’s easier flow. Need to learn this set up more efficiently.

I’ve learned so much from this website… and posts from everyone in general. It’s greatly appreciated. Yes, some people do write BS… and some people are straight forward and I appreciate the honesty and directness. That’s the type of person I am… the only way to learn in life is accurate information.

My entire goal is to get blood work covered by my insurance. I actually ran into a professional body builder on the internet and he was nice enough to share some information with me… in regards to saving money on TRT. The body builder told me… he was lucky enough for his insurance company to grant him TRT. Now, his testosterone levels are always 1500+ when his doctor checks the blood work. We both joked… and said that’s what our doctor prescribes 25mg a week of Test Cyp. Yes, even the body builder was prescribed that low amount. Of course he’s getting his extra Testosterone elsewhere. I’m also getting my Testosterone elsewhere… but I’m not here to be a body builder… just trying for a “little extra” gain. The only way to get your lab work covered by the insurance company… you have to be prescribed that Mickey Mouse low amount of Testosterone. Then, it’s trial and error. You have to learn to read your own blood work… and then in a way… guide your doctor. Sounds ridiculous… I know. But like I said… the body builder told me… your #1 expense will be lab work… especially your first year doing TRT.

Yes, I do have an anti aging/TRT specialist lined up. They actually have all of my lab work that was originally drawn up back in March/April. I’m trying to do my own TRT set up… next to nothing. Hardly any money out of pocket.

If I can’t do this… or my insurance company stops covering my labs… then… I will let the TRT specialist prescribe what he needs to. Then, pay 100% out of pocket.

I understand that Estrogen number is HIGH. I don’t look puffy. I don’t feel puffy. My face muscles feel slightly tighter than usual. That’s the only odd thing. (That feeling comes and goes though.) Blood pressure which was checked about 4 days ago was 112/68 which was the lowest blood pressure I ever had in the last 3 years.

I have a female family doctor… I know… laugh lol Funny talking about erectile dysfunction with her etc. She is easy to talk to… I’m the one that talked her into doing more blood work. I tried my best getting the right tests etc… I’m also concerned with the blood becoming thick etc. I thought she ordered that test??? Apparently not? Someone told me I might have to donate my blood every 2 months or so? Never donated in my life…

So, if someone could tell me the tests I need to check monthly or every 2 months. Or every 3 months?? That would be great. Like I said… I try to push my doctor in the right direction. She seems new at this too. Might be the blind leading the blind? lol Who knows?

I’ve been at 87mg every 3rd day of Test Cyp for 5 weeks now… I’m on the 6th week currently. That amount I’ve been taking… hasn’t changed. I wanted to start HCG… I heard that’s very beneficial in regards to erectile dysfunction… but I also heard it jolts your Estrogen levels too? That’s why I haven’t taken it yet… Yes… I do have 5,000 IU vials of HCG.

Any other comments or questions… or anything I should ask my doctor… please let me know. Thanks again!

If you donate too often you risk crashing your ferritin and you will be wrecked for months, it could take awhile to build up iron storage.

Normally we are required to draw complete CBC blood count every 6 months along with Total T, I always test Free T, SHBG and estrogen in edition to what’s required.

HCG adds a little testosterone and estrogen on top of the exogenous testosterone.

Even if your doc didn’t do the sensitive E2 test you still shouldn’t be at 400. That has to be a lab mistake. I would think your blood pressure would be astronomical if your estrogen was at 400.

There are two reasons for hCG, prevent testicular atrophy and/or maintain fertility.

The testing frequency and specific tests should be dictated by the protocol. Generally, starting out you should re-check in about six-eight weeks:
total testosterone
free testosterone

About three months later(~five months after starting):
total testosterone
free testosterone
maybe CMP

Once the protocol is established, every six months:
total testosterone
free testosterone

Would be a good idea to check yearly:
free T4

With the cursor, highlight the section you’d like to quote, then click “reply”.

I’ve had issues with it not working correctly lately. Not sure why.

Just got my Testosterone results in…

Total Testosterone 1,616 ng/dL (Standard Range 250 - 1100 ng/dL)

Free Testosterone 325.7 ng/dL (Standard Range 46 - 224 ng/dL)

Bioavailable Testosterone 698.1 (Standard Range 110 - 575 ng/dL)

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 30 nmol/L (Standard Range 10 - 50 nmol/L)

Serum Albumin 4.7 g/dL (Standard Range 3.6 - 5.1 g/dL)

Previous Testosterone Results from April 22, 2019

Total Testosterone 413 ng/dL (Standard Range 250 - 1100 ng/dL)

Free Testosterone 45.4 ng/dL (Standard Range 46 - 224 ng/dL)

Bioavailable Testosterone 99.3 (Standard Range 110 - 575 ng/dL)

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 40 nmol/L (Standard Range 10 - 50 nmol/L)

Serum Albumin 4.8 g/dL (Standard Range 3.6 - 5.1 g/dL)

Hmmmmmmm… I guess I have to figure out what to do with my Estrogen levels? What should my next step be? My libido is still poor. I thought you’d have erections on demand? lol The sensitivity just isn’t like it used to be. Again… this is only 6 weeks on TRT. Just starting. Hope it gets better.

And those Estrogen levels are?


Your levels are in excess and if estrogen were high which I suspect it is, this is way. A course correction is needed or I expect your situation to worsen.

Appreciate the post. Even if I reduced the testosterone dosage by 50%… yes estrogen levels would somewhat drop… but would they be in the appropriate range? And what if I can’t get my estrogen levels to where they need to be? All TRT patients don’t use an AI? Trust me… I don’t want to use one either from what I’ve read on the internet… but what else can you do?? I might have to. Just don’t know what dosage to run with the AI?

Total Estrogens - 401 pg/mL (Standard Range 40-115 pg/mL)

I could tell you the optimal range for me is closer to 30 pg/mL, but only you can answer what is optimal for you. As for reducing T dosage by 50%, that big of a dosage reductions is not recommended.

This is the incorrect test, you need the sensitive estrogen testing. Your self prescribe protocol is the reason for excess levels. Inject 50-60mg twice weekly, this is closer to a normal dosage.

Is that estrione and all the others, not just E2?

Need to do a sensitive estradiol test.