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Enter Your BID For a T-Cell!


We want to put up some more T-Cells, so we're going to take suggestions and then grant T-Cells to the highest bidder.

Tim prefers cash, while I prefer Kruggerands.

Nahh, we don't want your money...this time.

However, we ARE entertaining suggestions for new T-Cells.

For those of you unclear on the concept, these are tightly-controlled "groups" of individuals on the T-Nation site that share very specific ideas.

Those people in the group pretty much control the T-Cell. They control who gets in and who gets out. They control the tone. They are unmoderated areas where you can network with people who share your beliefs or traits or convictions.

Now, having a T-Cell for "Women" wouldn't make a good T-Cell. It's too general. However, having one for "Left-Handed Female Powerlifters from Milwaukee" might work.

Nah, that's TOO specific, but I think you get the idea.

So, fire some ideas at us. Whoever presents the best idea and the best case for their T-Cell gets the T-Cell. (We may award one, or we may award several.)


T-Cell Power:

Dedicated to those in powerlifting. This would be an ideal T-cell as these people have the opportunity to meet up on a regular basis. Imagine a group going to powerlifting meets together or joining up at nationals every year!

Haha maybe then I wouldn't be the only one wearing a T-Nation shirt under my singlet. It would also allow for excellent networking as people could discuss what federations they lift in. I believe we have a pretty diverse and vocal group of powerlifters here on the site so it wouldn't be a T-Cell for an unpopular T-Nation demographic.

Hmmm wait I'm already in a T-Cell, am I allowed to give ideas? :slight_smile:


I think a T-Cell Sport Training.

This could be a range of sports, I am preferential to combat sports, but it could be other sport training as well - sport specific training, conditioning, recovery ideas, sport nutrition.


A Westside Training T-Cell, a Sheiko T-Cell, a DogCrapp T-Cell, an Oly-lift T-Cell, a Strongman T-Cell...Or you can also go by authors programs maybe? Like a Waterbury or Thibs T-Cell? I'm just throwing out random ideas.


I'm sorry, but STRENGTH SPORTS doesn't cover this well enough?

You all haven't had the huge downpour of jackasses degrading what you do in that forum so why the need for a T-Cell about it?

Just asking.


This place is going to start looking like a high school cafeteria.

Why not wait until you find out if the first one even works or not? It has the potential to be nothing other than a bunch of guys stroking each others egos.


im not qualified for it at the moment, but i think a cell for current college athletes could be useful.

They could discuss not only their training and nutrition, but the lifestyle that comes along with be a collegiate athlete.


Since i wouldnt be in this cell, if you decide to use this, i guess you could just throw me in the next cell that is all about getting big,strong, and looking good nekkid.


I don't think that the reason for T Cell's is only because of the influx of newbies poisoning discussion, but rather encouraging the people that really know what they are talking about to discuss. That's just my opinion however.

It's hard to discern who knows what they are talking about and who doesn't - and I think some of the veterans don't even post because they tire of the bullshit. You may be right, however.


How about a cell for Uk drug dealers and people in the Uk that wan to buy drugs?

Joking of course, but a UK group would be good, if just a group for UK residents is too general how about

UK steroid forum
UK Strength sports
UK weight lifters


Agreed. We are about to start clique wars minus the food fights.


Eh? Isn't that the idea?


Yes and no. In terms of Combat Sports, any threads regarding 'effective martial arts' are perpetually inundated with somebody coming in and debating the usefulness of our 'sport fighting' in the street, as if any art that doesn't practice kicking each other in the balls or biting your opponent is useless.

Then there's the potential for a 'Bruce Lee was the greatest fighter eva' that hasn't happened yet, but is only a matter of time. But I don't think a T-Cell as such is necessary. We're a small corner of the site and antagonists are fewer in numbers - create a T-Cell and it would just be the same ten dudes talking about the same shit anyway.


I think this is a better place for my last post in the "New on T-Nation" thread:

I would say a power-lifting cell could show up, olympic lifting, or a high level athlete T-cell, but then what purpose would forums such as Strength Sports serve? I'm kind of wondering the significance of the bodybuilding forum even.

Sure those who aren't part of the T-cell can voice their opinions there, but I feel all the important questions have already been asked or answered. Many would agree that this stuff isn't too complicated, and when it comes to the complicated topics, they should be left to the experienced, mainly those in the T-cell.

Like I said, I like the idea of T-cells, but thats because I like to read more than I post.

I have one suggestion that may interest others that share my opinion:

What about a question submission? Anonymous or not, members who are not part of the T-cell can submit questions or topic ideas, and then those who are members of the T-Cell can choose to answer them or not. I understand how this could complicate things, but it might make T-Cell non-members feel less left out, if thats a problem at all.


One dedicated to strength wouldn't be bad.

Strongman, powerlifting, Olympic lifting.

But it's kinda redundant, we have a lot of good input in those areas in the normal forums.


And it's not like advanced lifters in those disciplines will be frowned upon in the T-Alpha forum. It could even make for some good info (and drama) to get a legit bodybuilder and legt strongman/powerlifter "discussing" things like strength and hypertrophy.

IMO stick to the one T-Cell for now and see how it pans out.


Strength Sports seems to cover Oly lifting, powerlifting and strongman.

Combat pyramids and rock climbing don't seem to fit that mold.

I really think all this generalized conditioning/performance stuff should be in its own forum, not t-cell.

  1. Bulking with cottage cheese forum.
  2. CT vs. Waterbury forum.
  3. Steroids for women forum.
  4. Guys who think it's ok to drink and pursue bodybuilding forum.
  5. Guys who don't think it's ok to drink and pursue bodybuilding forum.
  6. Pineapple chunks.
  7. Under $20,000.00 salary forum.
  8. Communist sympathizer forum.
  9. Velocity Diet haters forum.
  10. Nike Free vs. Chuck Taylor forum.
  11. The shoe joke is funny people vs. the shoe joke is no longer funny people forum.
  12. Bruce Lee forum.
  13. Help I got gyno! forum.
  14. A.D.H.D forum.
  15. Teenage marijuana addiction recovery forum.

Get started TC!


Exactly. It isn't like people are going to be kept out of that forum once they allow us to vote people in. I see a lot of confusion if there are 10 different T-Cell groups on the forum. There is no way to divide your attention between all of them and many of us CROSS OVER into other disciplines often.

I can't discuss powerlifting if I want to on the spot? I used to powerlift.


I do agree with that.


No, I actually think that the concept behind the original can be a good idea. There are actually interesting discussions that take place from time to time and if this helps to facilitate such discussions, I think that it can be great.

However, it takes a more diverse group of people for this to occur, not a less diverse group of people.