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LOG # 363

Really can’t remember which day this was. Oh well.







315x1 +2 singles


Heavy rack pulls 315 5x5

Low bar squats (light) 135 10x10

Hamstring curls: 40lbs 3x8

Hanging leg raises: 4x12

Row machine 10 mins


LOG # 364

Pretty much an active day.

Morning: 15 min jump rope

Afternoon: band work. Targeting lower body. Cold front has come through, and my right hip is NOT happy. At all. When I wake up it’s more noticeable.

Didn’t go to bed until like 1 in the morning, around 11pm I went and flipped some tires around the backyard.


LOG # 365


Empty bar x10

100 x 5

135 x5

135x 5

155 x3


180 x1 (felt like I could’ve gone for two 25’s to make 185, but 180 was seriously grindy so I just stopped there)

Heavy machine rows: 225 5x5

Smith machine floor press: 135 2x10

Assisted pull ups: 5x2

Pullovers (triceps and abs): 70lbs AMRAP


Dumbbell full body circuit.
Link: DB circuit

Took me 35 mins to complete. I realized how much I’m going to have to work on my explosiveness. Well more so than I already have. I think I heard nearly every major joint in my body pop at least once. But I think I need to do more dynamic movements weighted or not, just to keep all my joints fluid and warm, Because I’ve become used to being stiff all the time. Felt like I was trying to ride a bike with rusted chains or something lol.