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LOG # 363

Really can’t remember which day this was. Oh well.







315x1 +2 singles


Heavy rack pulls 315 5x5

Low bar squats (light) 135 10x10

Hamstring curls: 40lbs 3x8

Hanging leg raises: 4x12

Row machine 10 mins


LOG # 364

Pretty much an active day.

Morning: 15 min jump rope

Afternoon: band work. Targeting lower body. Cold front has come through, and my right hip is NOT happy. At all. When I wake up it’s more noticeable.

Didn’t go to bed until like 1 in the morning, around 11pm I went and flipped some tires around the backyard.


LOG # 365


Empty bar x10

100 x 5

135 x5

135x 5

155 x3


180 x1 (felt like I could’ve gone for two 25’s to make 185, but 180 was seriously grindy so I just stopped there)

Heavy machine rows: 225 5x5

Smith machine floor press: 135 2x10

Assisted pull ups: 5x2

Pullovers (triceps and abs): 70lbs AMRAP


LOG # 366
Dumbbell full body circuit.
Link: DB circuit

Took me 35 mins to complete. I realized how much I’m going to have to work on my explosiveness. Well more so than I already have. I think I heard nearly every major joint in my body pop at least once. But I think I need to do more dynamic movements weighted or not, just to keep all my joints fluid and warm, Because I’ve become used to being stiff all the time. Felt like I was trying to ride a bike with rusted chains or something lol.


LOG # 367

Volume attack:

135 4x15

225 2x10

Burner set: just the bar x 100 reps. No breaks because I can. Lol.


Hamstring curls: 180 5x5

Reverse hyper SS w/ hypers 6x10

Hanging leg raises: 2x10

Later at home: tire flips 5 mins

Main focus was legs and butt today.

Warning: this music video has a lot of butts. Lots of butts.


I spent like the entire day reading through my own log. I’m strange. Good. Lol


I do this from time to time, just to remind myself that I used to be stronger and I just get random urges to retest 1rm’s😂


LOG # 368

Deadlift (conventional)







335x1 +1


Rack pulls:
225 2x10


455+5 singles

Cable rows:

40lbs AMRAP

hypers: No weight, 2x15

V-ups: 3x15

10 min walk


LOG # 369

Warm up: 135 2, 2, 5, 5, 2, 2



Hack squat: 135 2x15

Leg press: 315 2x20

Hamstring curls: 30lbs 4x12

Back extension: AMRAP (50 reps)

Cable crunches: 5x6

Battle ropes: 5 mins


LOG # 370

DB upper body

Rep/set scheme: 4 sets 6,8,8,12,12 reps

•Alternating hammer curls
•Floor press, wrists out and in
•bent over rows (at the waist)
•push ups (girly version to go light on my wrists with the dbs underneath)
•triceps overhead extension (single arm)
•bilateral overhead press


Damn, chasing that pump girl.


LOG # 371


Warm up: just the bar x15

Working set:
165 6x4

Sticking point correction:
Dead stops: starting from chest to lockout
125lbs x10 reps (2 second ascension)


Triceps: run the rack x 12 30lbs-100lbs

Standing overhead press: 90x3 115x2, 125x 2, 135x1(PR)

Seated overhead press: just the bar (lat target) AMRAP

Diamond pushups: regularx10 , girly style x15


LOG # 372

3 mile walk.

Very big mistake. I had no idea my period started, since lately I haven’t been experiencing cramps. I guess the walking just suddenly brought them on. And I’ve been laying on my floor suffering ever since. Granted a little hint would’ve been nice earlier, since I pretty much ruined a decent pair of sweat pants. Oh well.



I have no idea if I’m leaning out or building muscle. My body has come comfortably to rest at 184-185. Scale hasn’t budged in about 2ish months. Which I’m happy about because now I can ignore the scale.

Maybe like a week ago, I had a giant card load session. That entire day prior to, I jam packed that day with veggies, and the rarest cuts of meat I told my mom to specifically go out and buy, and these weird blended fruit things that Costco sells. I was comfortably full, and around 9pm I had a massive craving for something. I tried some peppermint sticks, blueberry tea, water (since what I mistake for hunger is sometimes thirst), couple of dark chocolate cubes. Cravings still there.

My husband is not shy of ordering an XL pizza and eating the whole thing, so I stole a slice, and ended up finishing off 3/4 of a cheese pizza. Cravings stopped, I caught a massive carb rush, and went straight to bed.

But the next morning I woke up at 6am on the dot, feeling invincible, and dense? If that describes how my body felt that morning. No bloating (well after going to the bathroom as usual), and no, what I call, “cheetah spots”. I get these spots on my chest usually when I eat processed carbs either too frequently or too much in one sitting.

After that I’ve been able to add in an extra meal regularly. Usually around 8-9pm. Its usually the same thing since I’m a walking zombie by the time I get off work, and I just wanna throw stuff in a bowl, zap it, and go to sleep. Usually it’s shredded chicken, fiesta corn/bean mix thing, salsa, and a glass of HBCD with some coffee creamer.

Completely thrown out calorie tracking since, I’m lean enough to where counting calories is just going to make me restrict/overthink in an effort to try and eat more.

New OHP PR. Managed to get 135 overhead in a controlled motion. Yay! Went up quick, although I will admit I did give myself a bit of a boost up, like you would in a push press.

Running PR: I can run continuously for 5 mins. Never EVER been able to do that. It’s more or less run 1 min, drag my feet for 1 min, run 1 min, and so on. So I’m feeling good about that.

Sciatica has been very manageable, and I’ve found that having shoes on in general helps. Even if I’m just in my house or when I first get out of bed, I’ll put on a pair of Adidas with a slight heel on the back and arch support cushions. I’ll just have them on around the house. Switch to insoles in my work boots for work, and slip them back on when I get home, until I go to bed. Considering I have no arch whatsoever in my foot, my knee rolls inwards, which puts tension on my abductors pretty much 24/7 if I’m standing which is all the time. So wearing arch support shoes even when I’m just moving around the house helps tremendously.

Other than that I’ve been trying to work on keeping a schedule. Mostly for me and my husband since we’re not really used to routine and just doing stuff when we remember.

That’s it mostly.




Awesome OHP Cyber and you’ve done good with your food to stay the same weight for so long.
Keep up the good work.


That is some good work


Smashing it legend, awesome job on both the OHP and running aswell
Nothing more satisfying then feeling athletic, as in all your eggs arnt in one basket


LOG # 373

5 mile walk

More or less unplanned. Needed to burn of some steam. Ended up getting suspended from work for two days, but I had an extremely, EXTREMELY decent reason.

We have a soda fountain at our job in which the wires to the syrups that connect to whatever carbonates it, along with all the O2 tanks and pumps are inside where we work, and for whatever reason it’s constantly leaking CO2. Today it was leaking for over 35 mins. What pissed me off is that management wasn’t going to do shit about it. They were going to let all 7 of us just stay in there and have to get rushed off to the hospital, or worse. 3 of us got sick immediately, and the last time this happened 2 of us got sent to the hospital, and since someone finally decided to ask, they closed the Food Court down until it was fixed.

Obviously I wasn’t happy about this. And this isn’t the first time this has happened, and the previous time it did, they didn’t even let us leave. What’s irritating is that when the CO2 meter tips (meaning it’s well over 5,000ppm), it sounds an alarm that’s connected to HR office immediately. Meaning everyone from the supervisors, to the warehouse GM can hear it. So…why in the world did it take everyone almost 20 mins for us to be relieved? Better yet, why did we have to ASK to leave.

They were trying to send us back in within seconds, alarms still blaring and everything, meaning CO2 is still being pumped into this tight ass space, and I more or less went off. They expect us to break our fucking backs, double work us, while cutting labor cost, and cater to silver spoon-fed members who don’t understand what it means to go through the ENTER side of the warehouse and not the EXIT side, but are willing to almost literally sacrifice whoever the fuck they wish to make revenue.

Not only is this something written in our employee handbooks, but I’m more than certain that’s a state or federal safety law violation.

I got suspended because I said pretty much what I typed here, with a bit more cuss words sprinkled in, and at a much higher volume. Someone got their whittle feelings hurt, so sad. No one else in the warehouse had to fucking deal with this. I don’t complain about much, and I come to work on time, all the time, and get my shit done and leave. I understand the world isn’t fair, I get it, but if I work for a corporate store, and they have protocols set up to establish workplace fairness, walk the fucking walk then. No one gets an apology from me, and I took this whole deal to corporate. They said they would “fix it”. Someone either needs to unsuspend me, or lose their job, because while I’m young and most people don’t take me seriously where I work, I’m not stupid, and folks can either respect me like I respect them, or get their asses handed to them.

So more or less, I did not have a good day today.


You’re not in North Korea, are you? Call the labor board.