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Down to 179. Noticeable definition pretty much everywhere. Finally. Lol. A lot in my legs and in my upper back. Which I’ve honestly never had before lol. Most of the fat that’s still around is in pockets. So within some months of getting back into the swing of things, I’ll shift focus to more conditioning.

Strength is coming back. I’ve ditched calorie counting and dove straight into intuitive eating. A lot easier since I rarely have time to do certain things I want. Carbs in the morning and afternoon, protein and certain veggie choices at night. Very vague approximation of total calorie intake is around sub 1,200 calories.

I’ve been able to get away with such low calories probably because I’m a small person in general, but mostly because I’ve just been forcing whatever muscle I have to stay put by running the heavy lifts as much as I can. So going back into a slow weight gain is going to be easy. Well, easy enough.

Conditioning has been put on hold since it’s pretty much going to drive me into the ground if I try to implement it like I used to.


I have fat in my pockets too, doh wait a minute that’s a breakfast burrito I forgot was in there!!!
Good work.


LOG # 355

15 reppers big 3 because why not.

Squat: 225 straight set of 15

Bench: 135 straight set of 15

Deadlift: 275 straight set of 10 (wasn’t going to get those last 5)

Massive volume attack: 60 reps everything.didnt matter the scheme.

Hamstring curls

DB rows

Good mornings (barbell)

Goblet squats 50lb db

Leg raises

Skull crushers

Rack pulls 135 (kept it light)

Calf raises

3 hour session. More or less did this to give myself a giant shock of volume, since I’ll be heading back into heavy territory soon.

Have no clue what my 1rms are, and I don’t care at the moment, going to venture into heavy/high volume work, but it’ll be slow since I’m not in pain and don’t wish to be.

Really sore today, so I just decided to walk everywhere.

Very much dead. Very much tired.