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Down to 179. Noticeable definition pretty much everywhere. Finally. Lol. A lot in my legs and in my upper back. Which I’ve honestly never had before lol. Most of the fat that’s still around is in pockets. So within some months of getting back into the swing of things, I’ll shift focus to more conditioning.

Strength is coming back. I’ve ditched calorie counting and dove straight into intuitive eating. A lot easier since I rarely have time to do certain things I want. Carbs in the morning and afternoon, protein and certain veggie choices at night. Very vague approximation of total calorie intake is around sub 1,200 calories.

I’ve been able to get away with such low calories probably because I’m a small person in general, but mostly because I’ve just been forcing whatever muscle I have to stay put by running the heavy lifts as much as I can. So going back into a slow weight gain is going to be easy. Well, easy enough.

Conditioning has been put on hold since it’s pretty much going to drive me into the ground if I try to implement it like I used to.


I have fat in my pockets too, doh wait a minute that’s a breakfast burrito I forgot was in there!!!
Good work.


LOG # 355

15 reppers big 3 because why not.

Squat: 225 straight set of 15

Bench: 135 straight set of 15

Deadlift: 275 straight set of 10 (wasn’t going to get those last 5)

Massive volume attack: 60 reps everything.didnt matter the scheme.

Hamstring curls

DB rows

Good mornings (barbell)

Goblet squats 50lb db

Leg raises

Skull crushers

Rack pulls 135 (kept it light)

Calf raises

3 hour session. More or less did this to give myself a giant shock of volume, since I’ll be heading back into heavy territory soon.

Have no clue what my 1rms are, and I don’t care at the moment, going to venture into heavy/high volume work, but it’ll be slow since I’m not in pain and don’t wish to be.

Really sore today, so I just decided to walk everywhere.

Very much dead. Very much tired.


Wow Cyber awesome workout. That was like 3 workouts in one.
Bet your body was shocked :slight_smile:


I’m still sore today lol


LOG #356

Active recovery

Vinyasa movements. Don’t really know the names by heart of each movements. Cycled through 5 of them as many times until the soreness started to leave. ~20 mins.

Body movements:

banded squats
Calf raises

15 min jump rope.

Feeling super fluid and noodle-like lol. Soreness/stiffness is gone. Next week should be easy breezy. Should be lol.


Busy week.
Mfinally back to the gym.

LOG # 357

Upper body. Bodyweight movements

Dips 3x10
Push ups 3x10
Pull ups. Non assisted (what?) lol. 5 singles
Band pull apart 3x10

10 min jump rope


LOG # 358


week 3


The sequence is all screwed up. I just rearrange stuff according to how run down I am or am not feeling.

Bench 135 7x3

Rows: 225 5x5

Rack pulls: 315 AMRAP (~25 reps total)

Back extensions: 130 AMRAP

Triceps: skull crushers: 100lbs straight set 15

10 min walk

Very run down and tired. Neeeeeeed carbs.



Down to 175. Trying to just halt right here. But I’ve gotten used to not eating as much, and I’ll typically just stop eating at like 5 or 6pm. Although that’s an opportunity to eat like 2 more times.

So I’ll obviously have to add in another meal. I’m at 3ish a day. I say “ish” because breakfast is a random assortment of snacks more or less.

These long breaks in between training isn’t helping a damn thing, but between work and school I’m struggling to get in a decent session. So I’ll probably have to just go to bed immediately when I get home, and go to the gym very early. Then sneak in naps all day.

More or less that groove I’ve worked for maybe a year is dwindling since it turns into a week or maybe 5 days in between sessions. Considering I still don’t really know where my strength lies, i haven’t used a legit weight range to gauge progression. But I’ll give it another month to sort things out.

I feel a squat and deadlift PR coming.


With that attitude, it’s inevitable. Looking forward to seeing it.


Update for training:

Merging back into 5/3/1


LOG # 359

Rough estimate starting TM:
260. Enough to get a groove going, not too light.






260x1 +3 singles

Finishing set:

135 2x10


Good mornings: 135 5x5

Leg press: 135 3x20

Hamstring curls: 135 AMRAP

hanging leg raises: 4x12


LOG # 360






At this point in time I realized my sumo stance isnt where it should be, but come to find out my conventional stance has been keeping sturdy for some time now.

Switched to rack pulls to feel the groove for the lock out and that middle ground after breaking floor. Went back to floor position, no deficit.

315x1 + 2 singles

I felt good after that, so I just went back to rack pulls to catch a feel for keeping the upper body tight and bringing in the hamstrings more concerning conventional.

315 rack pulls: AMRAP ~30 reps total.

Assist: hypers (AMRAP)

Hamstring curls: AMRAP 40lbs

Hammer strength rows: 3x15 225lbs

10 min walk.

Good session. Learned a lot.


LOG # 361

DB work for bench

Floor press:

20lb dumbbells


•legs straight, no tension in glutes
•most tension was felt in chest, triceps, and lats
•hands at a bent angle not straight across

DB rows:

20lb dumbbells

5x5, 4x4, 3x3, 2x2, 1x1 each arm

•bring in delts
•Target lats
•bring in core
•shoulder blades together, but not too tightly


LOG # 362










Back extensions: light, 100lbs 3x20

Hamstring curls: moderate, 75lbs 5x5

Hanging leg raises: AMRAP ~40 reps


Damn girl look at you go!
I have a question about rack pulls for you since I see you have them in your routine. What is the benefit of doing rack pulls instead of bent over rows? Does it allow more focus on the lats or something? This has always kind of been a question in the back of my mind.


I would say it’s dependent on your goals,leverages, proportions and all that.

For me at least, bent over rows mainly target everything from the lats on up. If anything rows are what I train for bench more than deadlift. Granted they have their place for deadlift, concerning arm and grip training.

I really like rack pulls because it helps with that middle ground right after I’ve come off the ground. For a while I’ve been getting stuck in that area, and rack pulls help me get a feel for what’s wrong in that particular position. Mostly all of my back, shoulder blades, hip position, hamstrings, and glutes get focused on in that position, considering when I actually go to deadlift from a much smaller deficit, or no deficit I can be a good position to execute the movement through working the groove with rack pulling, and I use a rather heavy weight with rack pulling to get the stimulation I need. In the rowing position I’m way more bent over than in a rack pull position, so there’s body parts that aren’t able to join in on the movement. That can change if I change my rowing position, versus a rack pull position my main goal is a neutral spine, chest up, shoulders together, and generating force from my feet through my posterior chain, to lockout position.

Rows definitely help with deadlift for other individuals more than they do for me, so I wouldn’t say rows are for one lift exclusively, just for my personal needs rows don’t target what I’m focusing on concerning deadlift as much as rack pulls do.


Appreciate the detailed explanation, thanks. Do you have a goal set for deads like a specific weight you’re trying to get to or just trying to get stronger in general with them? Also what do you mean by neutral spine? Like straightening it out? Because that coincides with my goals too, I could use a straighter back.


Well I have a milestone of 405, but I’m more than likely not going to want to stop there. So I’d say yea, I’m just wanting to get as strong as I’m capable of for someone of my height and weight. Deads also help my back injury, even though they mostly caused my back injury, go figure lol. Well improper deadlifting did lol. But Deads also help in my day to day activities which now consist of me standing for long periods of time. As my back gets stronger they also help with taking the pressure off of my hips, espeacially body weight Deads. As I get older I’ll probably keep them in my training, but not even close to how heavy I’m going right now, but generally working that same movement does me good. So I’ll keep it. Granted I prefer sumo over conventional, but that’s just me.

Neutral generally means just straight. Head forward not down or backwards, shoulders back, lower back even with upper back, not rounded, or hyperextended. So Yupp, pretty much that lol.

Although I believe neutral looks differently on individuals. Neutral for me, may be uncomfortable for someone else. Or someone taller may have a neutral position that’s different from others, all that Jazz.


Standing for any good length of time hurts my back too, it’s fine if I’m moving, I could stand all day but ya, staying in one spot it doesn’t take too long before it starts hurting. Any injuries I’ve gotten from lifting has always been from ego lifting, lol. I don’t do that anymore, try not to anyways.

Enjoy the weekend, later.