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Enter Planet Cybertron

And my favorite one I did for an EDM collab

This was the reference picture I used from the EDM group Ganja White Knight.

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Welcome back amiga!!! I added that song to the list!

I really liked the dos equis nails. Wifey loved the Rolling Stones and Christmas nails.

Holy Shit those PRs btw!

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Thanks bud!!! Thanks for dropping in too! Always good to hear from ya and wifey :blue_heart::blue_heart:

I’ve got a few more songs, but I’ll just curate them into a playlist and link it for ya.

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LOG # 603-615

Mostly two bouts of conditioning every other day.

PPL two days a week.

Conditioning consists of whatever I do in my garage.

Body weight
Loaded Carry
Tire flips
Jump rope
Or trail riding

I don’t shoot for any specific goals just get moving and break a sweat.

PPL days are my heavy-ish numbers, but the big lifts rarely go over 75% of my capacity.

Squats rarely go over 225, bench 135, and deads 200ish. Volume is my focus so I work on moving that weight many times over while honing in form, and increasing work capacity.

Burner sets
Rest pause
Run the rack
Back off sets

I use all those set ups as seen fit, and just fine tune it as I go.