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Enter Master's Physique in May?


Brand new to this forum and I’m putting myself out there asking for some help. Over the last 16 months I’ve lost about 50 lbs (Diet and Exercise, Imagine that!) Anyway, I’m thinking about entering a Masters Physique competition in May of '19 and would like some honest feedback on if I’m wasting my time or not.

I’m 48 years old… 170lbs. I figure I need to lose another 15-20lbs before a competition. I know I still have some back fat I need to get rid of. BTW - I’m 5’9"

Any insights and feedback would be much appreciated!


Any pics just standing normal so we can assess taper, symmetry etc?


The pic you posted looks good but is pretty limited in terms of assessing your ability to compete. Legs and back pics will help.

You may also want to address what level of competition you will be entering, whether it is drug tested or natty - if it’s the former, don’t bother at this point (my opinion).

Perhaps @EyeDentist can weigh in as well.

As others have said, post more and better pics that can allow us to see your physique and give educated answers.

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You definitely have some muscle, but there’s no “real” posing like a bodybuilder in Physique, hence why I asked for a standing relaxed photo.

5’9 and 170 (not contest level lean yet) is on the lighter side, but as physiques athletes don’t really show their legs it’s not as bad as open bodybuilding (I competed as a bodybuilder at 5’8 and 178 lbs contest Weight As a comparison).

Based on how lean you appear in front,side, rear relaxed poses will give a better idea of whether you need to drop closer to 5 or 10 lbs. if you’re lucky/smart you’ll be able to bring up some key points between now and May as well.