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Enson Inoue AKA Yamato Damashi


I was rewatching some of my pride and NHB videos and I saw one of my earliest MMA heroes, Enson Inoue. I love this dude and his fighting style reminds me of Wanderlei Silva with added arm bars.

Enson is always on the forums and facebook giving advice to fans and your average guy training. He recently did a pilgrimage and is raining a tonne of money to aid the people displaced by the recent treagic events in japan.

Where would you rank Enson in with other MMA legends? Am I just sentimental because he is one of the first guys to really inspire me?

Also who was your favorite PRIDE fighter? I want some fun lists and videos to scan while at work :slight_smile:


Enson had heart but he didn't beat anyone of note other than Couture, early in Couture's career. He could take a beating though.

Since a lot of Pride fighters either fought in the UFC first or came to the UFC after it's hard to pick someone who fought exclusively for Pride. I guess I would say Sakuraba although he also fought in the UFC.


Bas Rutten was a good fighter in pride, Sakuraba was always entertaining, Cro cops kicks always amazed me. Silva was a beast then as well.


Two hours at bjj, felt productive, left my ego at the door and didn't give a fuck about how shit I was = first bjj class without anxiety about being maulled. The sking just above my naile is basically gone on every finger though.

The gym now has a new system, one night will be bjj followed by a stand up class then bjj then next day and so on. I am going to just go six days a week, not kill myself and throw myself into something and commit. guys who joined the same time as me who were consistent have got their blue belts and as musashi said, once you see the way broadly, you see it in all things. Turn up, learn, tap less.

Also guys how important is core strength to the guard? I can't figure out if it is core strength or hip mobility and quickness when trying to stop someone passing an open guard, aswell as technique obviously.

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Beserker! Love his crazy ass fighting style.

Did anyone see his ufc japan fight, I thought stann could of won easily if he had s tuck to being more technical like he usually is. It almost seemed like he gifted it to wand because he is such a fan of his.


For such a tough guy Enson makes some lovely bracelets.



Yeah they are really nice, really expensive though.


I bought one for my old lady for Christmas, one day I was watching "Best of Pride" on TV and she says "Who is that guy?" I said "That's the guy who made your bracelet" lol


Haha good stuff.


his Pilgrimage through Japan's Tsunami affected areas is worth watching.