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Enough of a Workload?


I just wanted someone to critique my back routine, Im not sure if there is enough work for my back. My back has been growing and I am totally burnt out after my workout.

Deadlift: 1 warmup set x 8reps, 3 sets x 7 reps (374lbs)
Single-arm dumbell row: 3 sets of 6 reps (70lb DB)
Pullups: 3 sets to failure
Bent-over barbell rows: 2 sets of 5 reps

Usually after this Im too fatigued to do anything else.


You mostly just answered your own question. If your back is growing, then what you're doing has to be effective.


It would seem like a lot of deadlifts... with not a lot of warmup.

But if it's working, don't stop.


Curious on how you decided on those specific rep numbers (7 for DLs etc.). And, are you using the same weight for each set?


Those rep numbers are usually what takes me near failure on each set but allows me to complete the rest of my training session. I dont really count my reps for each set, I just go by feel really.


Anyone can knock me if I'm wrong, but I've been there and done it. If you are always doing 7 reps on DL, I would try and change up the rep scheme and weight of the exercise.

I've HEARD, and believe it to be the reason I hurt my back, that you should not do too many heavy weeks in a row on deadlift and that you should throw in at least one or two weeks of lighter higher rep work in between for healing purposes. What I heard was that it takes longer for your back to fully heal after heavy DL sessions and the lighter higher rep weeks will allow your back muscles a break.

I did almost 5 heavy weeks in a row because I was chasing a high PR, fucked my lower back up for a good 4 months.


I see, I'll give that some thought