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Enough Nutrients and Vitamins?


Hey so i am planning to loose some weight.. here is my plan
BTW: i way 190lbs... iam not super tall and not super short... i will probably say i am about 5'5 feet


workout at least 3 times a week

drink a slimfast optima shake for breakfast
drink another one for lunch.
(Shakes are mixed with 1 and a half servings of flax seeds)

have a sandwich for dinner(normal sandwich.. veges mayo, ham and cheese) For people that know what safeway is am planning to buy the lumberjack sandwich....

1 optional snack which will most likely be a granola bar...

Is this a good idea?

I am concerned that those slimfast shakes have to much sugars in it.... is this the case?? and will i have all the neccesary nutrients and vitamins so that i will be able to lose weight and i won't be starving my self

Help will be much appreciated.. THANKS!


I would ditch the Slimfast shakes and look into getting a quality MRP like Metabolic Drive. Either Low-Carb (Super Protien Shake) or Complete. You can read up on both in the T-Nation store including their nutritional breakdown.



Originally I was thinking about that but if i did then i wouldn't have enough calories... which will result in starving myself...

Since those slimfast shakes have about 400 calories with added flax seeds... drinking 2 a day would bring me to 800 and with the sandwich should get me to about 1500... lol with all the mayo and cheese and meat....

also it is much cheaper... but i am also worried about the high sugars slimfast has which is about 32g of sugar with milk... lol so that would be 64 g of sugar a day... which i think is alot since a can of pop has about 39g of sugar in it...


You can always add a healthy item to the shake to bring up calorie content without it being high in sugar. I don't know what Slimfast shakes run, but I don't think their overly cheap. Even the five pound Grow! Premium Whey would be better value and healthier for you.



I agree get a good MRP, maybe even some Carbolin 19 or HOT-ROX, or any other fat loss lipo 6 or other fat burner.
bump up your cardio.

As for the mayo and ham and cheese......lose it, I mean you can have cheese but good ones like low fat ones ricotta and all. Ham is just not good IMHO, I would go lean beef or chicken breast, or turky, or tuna. on wholemeal bread, and mayo does have fat in it.

try to lower your carbs from bad foods, get in some good protein along with a MRP, and even a fat burner if you like.

If your on a budget you can get things like non fat milk powder for protein and a whole bag only costs about 4 dollars (here in aus anyway).
Good luck champ, let us know how you go.


Starving yourself? Do you mean the feeling of hunger or you feel you just won't get enough calories according to magazines and calorie calculators.

I'm not promoting starvation, but contrary to popular belief people actually lose weight when they starve themselves.

And American's idea of starving themselves are other nations idea of feasts. So you don't have to be all that scared of not getting enough calories as people will have you believe. At least when you feel it NECESSARY to drink slimfast shakes. Anyway there seems to be a guru on here named tampa terry look at some of her posts and you might do better.