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Enough Monkeying Around

Starting the 40-day program and thought it’d be fun/motivational to keep an online log.

My background

Thought I’d jot this down so hopefully I can look back at it one day and smile :slight_smile:

5’ 11.5", 37 years old, and currently 172lbs with probably 23-25% body fat even if the scale says it’s around 20%. Naturally thin/skinny with very little muscle so there’s a bunch of extra weight floating around, mostly around my belly.

I have a workout plan problem :slight_smile:

Over the past 16 years I’ve “done” (or rather, briefly dabbled in) a bunch of different workout plans, including

  • Body for Life
  • Turbulence Training
  • Various Men’s Health workouts
  • Adonis Index
  • Leangains
  • Huge in a Hurry (few different times)
  • Body by Science
  • Engineering the Alpha
  • Starting Strength (perhaps the most successful of all of them)

And you’d never know it heh.

I say “done” because rarely do I get past 1-3 months before taking a break which can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Breaks lead to making it very easy to have extra food and drinks, which makes you feel less likely to exercise. Stress from work will inevitably kick in over the “break” which makes it easier to “relax” with food and drinks, which of course helps form a rather unhealthy pattern. Sitting in front of a screen all

But I’m certainly not getting any younger :slight_smile: Halfway through 37 and with the early stages of arthritis in my knees, when I stop exercising, it gets noticeable. Also, the ability to consume wings and beer twice a week and not gain weight (especially belly fat) has completely disappeared and I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been. Not a fan, heh. We all have our “final straw” moments and I believe this is mine.

Oh, and the log title comes from being a programmer, or code monkey.

Look forward to joining what seems to be an amazingly supportive community!

Day 1

Well, definitely didn’t push myself, as the instructions say.

  • Warmup: 8 bodyweight squats (ow, knees!)
  • Deadlift: 40
  • Bench Press: 60
  • Underhanded Close-Grip Pulldown: 70
  • Db Swings: 33x6kg (the only thing in our gym measured in kg instead of lbs)
  • Ab: 5 captain’s chair straight-leg lifts (turns out we don’t have an ab wheel like the workout suggests)

Day 2

Definitely feeling the kettlebell swings…

Warmup: 8 bodyweight squats
Deadlift: 60
Bench Press: 70
Underhanded Close-Grip Pulldown: 80
Db Swings: 35x6kg
Ab: 5 captain’s chair straight-leg lifts

Empty barbell as long as the sleeves have bearings should work as an ersatz ab wheel.

Very true - I saw someone basically doing that at the gym yesterday with 45lb plates.