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Enough Mass To Cut?

Stats: 17 y/o , 205lbs , 6’2
Hey everyone. I have my bulk continuing for another 12 weeks , however im just wondering what your thoughts are on if i should keep gaining or if i should cut. I dont wanna say im fat , but im not in a good condition id be happy gaining from , and it just seems pointless to cut right now as where would i go after the cut when the summer months are just beginning , yet im heading to bootcamp in june. I have included some pics , and i was wondering what all of your thoughts are on my size for a cut. My goal right now isnt to be huge as hell since that would definitely hinder me at bootcamp , however id like that “lean amd athletic” look. Tell me your thoughts. Should i continue on the bulk for a bit ? or just cut ? Thanks !

I wouldnt cut. Bootcamp will take care of that for you. I’d work on your aerobic conditioning and things like calisthenics. You’re going to be running in groups and exercising in groups. You need to be comfortable running at least a mile and half in under 30 and being able to do calisthenics for 30 minutes.

Good luck in boot camp. And remember its ALL A MIND GAME. They are just fucking with you to see if you can handle it. Have fun and know they are just testing you.

P.S. If they ask you if you have ever lived by yourself, DO NOT RAISE YOUR HAND! Based on my experience, they are looking for laundry detail and it was NASTY!

A mile and a half under 30 minutes? Isn’t this way above the max run time for that distance?

And to add to what you said, OP may want to avoid volunteering for ANYTHING. I don’t know how watered down boot camp is these days, but the DIs used everything as a reason to haze the shit out of us.

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i was about to say this is the Marines. Its 3 miles in under 26 minutes. Im just thinking if i should cut vs bulk up a bit more. Because of the height and weight standards , i cannot gain more than 10 pounds. Clean bulk ? what are your thoughts ?

Mine was the USAF back in the 80’s! We were wanted for our brains not brawn! :joy:

If you exceed height and weight standards, you’ll be taped. They use BMI, which is probably the worst indicator of health out of all standards, so all the muscular people had to be taped.

Don’t think of things in terms of minimum. Don’t be the worst at anything, and don’t associate with people who suck at stuff. Being friends with a nice kid who is weak and clumsy will just result in you getting fucked up for it.

But yes, it’s all a mind game. You’ll be the worst platoon. You’ll be told you won’t graduate, that you’re not worthy of the title of Marine, etc. Its all a mindfuck. Head down, work hard, don’t stand out.

i know i recently posted this here , but i need some opinions. So i have a puerto rico trip in may. Id like to look good at the beach but am not sure if i have enough mass to cut down and look good. Options are i can bulk for another 4-5 weeks and try to gain some more muscle , or do a nice slow cut until puerto rico. I dont know my bf % but id estimate around 15%. Just need a second opinion. What are your thoughts ?image image image image

Why, you want some puertorican girls? If you cut down you wouldn’t look HYOOGEE. Might be a better idea to maintain weight without cutting and try to put on some more muscle. If you havent been training for a decent amount of time cutting down only slows down your progress and causes you to lose some muscle, and what do you get out of it? Looking “good” for a week?

This is still good advice for Marine bootcamp. You will be doing a ton of calisthenics and running. A lot of it will be done in a fatigued state. The heavier you are the harder bootcamp will be.

If I was preparing for bootcamp again I’d run 3-4x a week and do calisthenics 3-4x a week. I wouldn’t even bother touching weights.

*The better condition you start bootcamp in the easier your time will be.


Boot camp food sucked 20 years ago I’m sure it sucks today. Enjoy food and run