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enough is enough

 This guy Fischer knows what he's talking about. The media became so full of themselves from the 9/11 ratings they just wont fuckin tone a down a notch and give us a little breather here.

  <i>I've made it a studied point to watch the major cable news channels the last several months, and like many of us, I've watched fairly regularly since 9/11. I've seen the news become much more alarmist since then, even without cause. Lately, it's due to the tension building over Iraq. But it's more than that.

It’s as if now that we’ve seen what “news” can be – how horrible and riveting – the cable news channels don’t want to notch it down. Perhaps because Fox News is running crosshairs over its screen and “Terror Alert: High” tickers all day long, the other news channels remain alarmist in order to rivet viewers, too.

Whatever the cause, the news media hasn’t exhaled since 9/11. Does this reflect that the United States hasn’t exhaled? Perhaps. And that’s dangerous. Why? Partly because we’re obsessed with destroying a hate that we may never be able to eliminate.

This column has a brief and modest objective, though: to offer a perspective that we haven’t heard from the media in a long time. The perspective that the world is generous, and most everyone in the world is kind. That we’re living longer and healthier. That there are so many reasons to be grateful. That more than 99.99% of the six billion people here are good people.

It’s a shame that we now spend so much time focused on the minutely tiny fraction of the world that wishes evil on others. Yes, they demand attention. But it’s a shame, since most people merely want to live in peace and are kind to others. And that never makes the news.

 Let's bomb iraq and get rid of osama bin ladden. However this roosevelt's saying never sounded truer: All we have to fear is fear itself. It seems like everyone has forgotten that.

the fact of the matter is 99.99% of the world ISN’T good. when was the last time you were able to trust 99.99% of the people you know, and being 99.99% sure that they won’t stab you in the back. we have to be taught how to do good, we don’t have to be taught to lie, we don’t have to be taught to be deceitful.

 Lying is human nature. Being deceitful once in a while is part of life. So is getting angry. But that's all part of a push-and-pull in life. 
  By good the author didnt mean miss-goody-two-shoes church goers. He meant, 99.9% of the people have a good enough conscience not to go out and kill vast groups of people in a cowardly and vicious manner. Choose any country on earth. With the obvious exceptions now of n korea, iraq and afghanistan because of the impending war, u can go visit the country and  you chances are you wont get killed. People are nice to you if you go to italy, britain, ireland, portugal, france, spain, china.... Murderers and terrorists make up that tiny fraction of people in the world whose only focus is causing agony. Us normal people make up the rest of the world. We do stupid things and get upset and some of us are more agressive than others, more deceitful, arrogant, you name it. Those are human traits common to everyone. Killing massive groups of people is common only to a fraction of us who have little or no conscience or have been brainwashed.
 Oh and that having to be taught how to be good but not how to lie- You have to be taught how to do some good things, which normally you'd wish you didnt have to do. The same way you have to learn how to lie in some situations. Such as when telling the truth is worse than lying AND you dont want to lie. It goes both ways. You have to earn some good, and you have learn some 'bad' things.
  The same way that in some situations lying is natural to you, and in some situations doing something good is nothing more than a natural instinct. 
  Now, now, are you really going to tell me that if you see your cute girlfriend crying because something happened to her, that you won't go up to her and let her cry on your shoulder? THAT is natural- even if you were raised in a society of monkeys and lions in a forest, you'd probably know how to do that. 

Hey, hey, hey! I take offense to that “society of…” remark Diesel.

Excellent post, Diesel. I for one have a hard time even looking at a "news"paper or TV show any more.

Take this test for yourselves, T-maggers: If you DIDN’T read the newspapers/watch it on TV, how would you rate things in the world? I mean, just based on your personal experience of life.

Personally speaking, I’m pretty happy. I’ll bet that most of you are, too.

char out.

Great point Char-dawg. If it werent for the news, I’d bet most people would agree things arent as bad as the media makes it out to be. Be vigilant? Yes. Other than that, just go about your life and forget about theat tiny fraction of people who hate the fact that we have it OH SO GOOD that they became obsessed with killing us.

100% of crime is committed by 5% of the population. Unfortunately, only that 5% ever makes the news. Perhaps if we put more positive things on TV, there would be a better influence on the 5%. It’s a bad influence on the other 95% when only the evil 5% get all the media attention and glorification. For example: all of the copy-cat school killings. Would any other kid in America be as likely to do it if it had not been so publicized in the media? What if it was better publicized that kids were doing good things for their community and their families? I think we would see a better world.