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Enough food for Mag-10 ?

Hey there gang. Just posted this on a reply to another post, but there are a lot of people asking about how much to eat ect, so i thought id add it as a new post.

Take a look at a typical daily food intake for me and lemme know your verdicts. This is well on a mag-10/myostat (2 week) then Tribex/M (2 week) cycle, which i am, to start with, continuing with for 12 weeks.

7.30am - High Protien shake
10.30am - Chicken sandwich
1.30pm - Chicken sandwich + Protien Bar
4.30pm - Tuna sandwich
6.00pm - Gym for hour and a half
7.30pm - High Protien shake
9.30pm - Chicken, potatoes, penuts, pasta, etc
11.00pm - Small carb or protien meal

Totals are about 3500Kcal, 250g protien, 300 Carbs and 100 fats

Lemme know what you thing…Should i be trying to eat more than this ? I think i should.


Paul Govier

It doesn’t look like you are getting that many carbs in and while on mag-10 you should be eating carbs with every meal. I think you need to keep a detailed food log because I doesn’t look like you are eating the cals, carbs, and fat that you think you are eating.

What’s your bodyweight? How’s your metbolism? I have the metabolism of a race horse. Since I an currently builking, androgen free, I am consuming 4,250 kCaL per day. Unless you are 150 or so I would bump the the calories up a bit.

First of all 3500cal/day isnt enough calories on Mag-10. Secondly your macros dont add up to 3500cal/day which means you are undereating even more than you think.

According to your macro totals, you are at about 3100 kcal,and if I remember correctly, you are 170lbs. You are way under, especially if you are using Mag-10. Your protein should be over 300g, preferably 340. Carbs could also come up a bit. You should aim for 4000 calories.