Enough Fat

I need to intake more fat during my mag 10 cycle. I’m already taking 4 tablespoons of flax seed oil, and half a cup of walnuts. It is ok to take 4% cottage cheese instead of fat free cottage cheese? I know in “Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid” it said fat free only? What is everyone’s take on this? Any other ideas on ways to supplement more fat?

While on mag-10, you want to lower fat and up carbs and protein. After Mag-10, lower carbs and up fat to help hormonal recovery. Why would you want to up fat beyond 4 TBS flax oil and 1/2 c walnuts besides any other fat in your diet while on an androgen cycle? You need carbs and protein to grow on androgens.

Whole eggs, natural peanut butter and nuts of all kinds are better choices than milk fat.

I would save your saturated-fat intake for the stuff that’s unavoidable when eating beef and stick to the non-fat cottage cheese. If you need to get more fat and want a different kind, add a tablespoon or two of expeller-pressed canola oil (lots of monounsaturated fat) to your protein shakes. Or, as you didn’t mention them, take some fish-oil caps with your non-fat cottage cheese.

Heb is right. You need to up your carb and protein intake. I should have read your post more clearly. You are already taking in plenty of fat for a MAG-10 cycle.

some fish oil capsules. you need some fat to help keep calories up. I usually would take them at night before bed time with my casein shake. laters pk

But how much fat should you take in a MAG 20 Cycle? Shouldn’t it be 10%? I’m getting like 450g Protein, 550g Carbs using about 4500 calories. So should I be taking 100g fat or is that too much?

Remember, fat is twice as calorically dense as are protein and carbs, so if you were taking in 100g of fat that would be 980 kcal (9.8 kcal/g), which would be a little over 20% of your kcal if you’re trying to take in a total of 4500 kcal. If you want around 10% for your MAG-10 cycle, take in around half that many grams of fat and up your clean carb intake to make up the rest of the kcal.

If you’re shooting for 10% of 4500 cals, you’d want 50g of fat.