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Enough Calories to Lose Fat?

I post a while back in strength sports section and i got some good answers but i thought i would post over here and see what people over here have to say.

I’m on a bicycle on average 2 hrs a day. Some days more some days a little bit less. This is also varying intensity but most of the time it’s AT LEAST moderate intensity if not more.

I would like to gain strength as a priority with gaining weight being second on the list.

I would like to keep my bodyfat the same or drop some. I am a FFB and am not interested in things like: whole milk, or just eating whatever even though the amount of calories i burn would be A LOT. I would like to do this with 100% clean foods.

I thought a program like destroying fat with increased calories would be ideal for this.

I would be doing

I thought:
4000 cals on strength days 225g protein 50/50 split of remaining cals between carbs/fats
3600 cals on lactic days 225g protein 70% of remaining cals from carbs, 30% from fats
3200 cals on off days 225g protein 90% of remaining cals from fat, 10% from carbs

does this sound like a good plan?
i’ve read the g-flux article and this seems ok as long as i eat enough food and sleep enough