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It overwhelms me everytime I open your threads


Haha, I'm hoping Emily shows up. Then it will blow your Scottish mind up like an oblong football.


Ha to be fair I had to google it before I replied

Mind officially blown





Ok, here's what I think. I think Francis Bacon was right when he said: "It is a poor centre of a man's actions, himself."

I read a thread in which you were talking about selling, and I agree with you 100% that some people have a gift for persuasion or leading others in a direction of the persuader's choosing. I feel I do. But I use it for something that has greater value and meaning, in my opinion, than closing deals. You don't.

Same with your love life. You're exercising closing skills to achieve the same pointless end day after day. (Pointless to you, that is.) You pick up women you don't respect, who then affirm your jaded views. I remember you talking...god, years ago now...about wanting to bang a health food store clerk who was gushing earnestly to you about...whatever. I think you want to be with someone who is earnest, but not stupid. But you've got that douchiness problem going because of the salesmanship/manipulative vibe you give off.

The most enthusiasm I've seen you display has been in your discussion of Habitat for Humanity (though I think that has some potential to disappoint you) and in trying to convince people of a point that's important to you.

You're bored. You're underchallenged. Hence your ennui (feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction).

How IS Habitat going?


I was expecting more of a couch style question and answer discussion than a critique. But that was quick and dirty, I'm bored again. :frowning:

I find value in money personally and am actually quite charitable but the ability to see tangible results, like with the program similar to habitat for example. It is nice to see the look on a recipients face (though financial support behind the scenes is required). It's going well.

I bag bitches I respect and don't respect. I know some ladies are respectable. I don't remember discussing the health store chick but I believe you. We fucked a few times. She wouldn't give me the time of day initially but I charmed her. It was a fun challenge and then yes, I did get bored!

I have to have new challenges or I grow complacent and bored for sure.

I should have been Lewis or Clark or something.


PS. You see my back game played out in discussion. My salesmanship/"manipulation" does not show through irl. It's not like I discuss my logic leading to dropping panties. I just get them down.


Oh, I get that, but I still think it shows through for you. It's not just manipulation...that's a neutral quality in my opinion. There's something else with you. Arrogance, maybe?

I'm manipulative as hell myself, or I can be, and have to be careful to keep my persuasive skills reined in. I don't even know that "skills" is the right word. I'm just persuasive, and I always have been. I use manipulation to keep people comfortable in uncomfortable situations. They begin exhibiting anxiety, I loosen my body in some way (slide down in my chair a bit and flop one leg over the other, lean against a wall and cross my legs casually if I'm standing) or make a disarming joke or statement. I'm like a superhero of non-threatening and easy to talk to and it's largely deliberate (though my looks are helpful) (but I foster that, too, to some extent). I find it endlessly challenging and enjoyable BUT I'm genuinely doing good and meaningful work. I save lives by being easy to talk to in the emergency room. I stop abuse by being persuasive.

I'm not saying you should do what I do and I'm not saying money isn't valuable, I like it very much, but since you don't seem entirely satisfied with your life I wonder if the pursuit of it is really meaningful enough for you. What with you're experiencing these feelings of ennui.

But your generalizations get in the way of figuring out which is which. For example, rough girls are "real," polished suburban Houstonites are not. i would agree that the caked-on makeup women are shallow and stupid and internally ugly if not ugly both inside and out, but somewhere you're missing the nice women of your class and education and background. Were I your therapist I would ask about your mother right now. :slightly_smiling:

(So, uh...what's your mom like?)


I can agree with arrogance and I tend to be polarizing (shocker) but don't really give a shit, there is always some one else to meet if I rub a person the wrong way and I tend to draw many people in too and not always intentionally. I think confidence in general threatens and repels some while attracting others. I agree though, body language, tone et cetera sound uber manipulative in discussion and may be when deliberately applied to bring about an outcome but yes these tactics no doubt work and are employed discreetly by successful sales people for sure. They also have applications in any social scenario you wish to control to some degree.

I do enjoy providing jobs, financial tools people actually retire on and the ability to be charitable. I heavily support the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Ft. Worth, Shrine Burn Hospital in Galveston and some others to a smaller degree and find it fulfilling. I think I would be bored in any career once I caught my stride and no longer felt challenged.

As far as women are concerned, I don't care which is which, I actually pride myself on being able to read people (sales again) and do generalize for the sake of broad discussion. Respectable or not I just want to get laid. I'm not looking for a "soul mate" though I wouldn't turn down an exceptional woman. Mostly though, yall are a dime a dozen, tats or Prada.

Mom is great, dad too. They met in college, married after, bought a house had me and my sis a few years later. We both graduated Tier 1, I have my MBA, mom taught kids with anger issues in public schools dad retired from a large company as a regional sales and marketing exec, both were highly supportive of school, extracurriculars, involved in our personal lives et cetera.


You know what? You're right, I have no idea if your manipulative/sales tendencies show or not. I suspect they do to savvy people, but maybe not. Whether you have a high douchiness quotient isn't the point of this thread. It's how you can live a less dissatisfying life. Which has nothing to do with how you appear to other people (women, specifically).


I can charm the pants off an entire group as easily as I can piss off a entire brood of hens.


Your arrogance and inflated sense of self worth blinds you to the greatness of people around you which makes them boring to you and makes you bored because you are unable to be humbled enough to be inspired.


Humbling myself to be inspired sounds very defeatist.


If you were as great as you think, perhaps. But I'm not seeing it.


What do you know though, DebD? What do I contribute to my employees, my community, society as a whole? How have I positively touched and influenced lives?

SAMA specific debauchery aside, who am I? Do you know?

You are just mad I don't put women on a princess pedestal.


And, DebD, what do you do above making ends meet and surviving? Being female doesn't make one special :slightly_smiling:


I know because you do not see greatness in anyone but yourself and that are are uninspired, as told by your own musings. Great people are constantly inspired and this is how they become great.


If I were here yelling to the forums how awesome I was, that would be a fair question...


An MBA, building a business that does millions in revenue in two short years while in my twenties, taking leadership roles in various organizations and taking active roles in charitable societies is indicative of an uninspired life?

Emily is more accurate with under challenged. Sorry.