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Enlistment in the Air Force

Anyone currently in the Air Force or perhaps once was? I’m thinking of going to a recruitment office in these next couple days and was wondering what some important questions I should ask them would be. I figured I could just see what jobs they need to be filled the most and deciding if any of them sound interesting. Any input would be great.

The first question I’d ask them is:

“Where is the Marine Corps. recruiter located?”

Then I’d leave…


People ask me why i joined the AF … I tell them because I scored high enough on the ASVAB to have the choice (jerk) :slightly_smiling:

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OP - why do you want to join the AF? Kind of what that asshole above said is shop around if you don’t have a real concrete reason why the AF above the other branches.

But, I spent 6 yrs enlisted and traveled a bit while I was in. Never went to the sandbox but spent a year in S. Korea (which was my best assignment). Spent a good portion of my enlistment stateside.

If it wasn’t for my time I doubt I would have the discipline to do the things I’m doing and accomplish what I have. I definitely wouldn’t be posting right now (an old supervisor who could lift houses turned me onto this site and lifting in general).

All in all it was a great experience, I gained a lot of valuable life experience and got a few college credits under my belt - the GI Bill took care of the rest of my undergrad (which was my ultimate goal - funds for college).

If you want to ask any more specific questions I’m sure I can help.

hahaha … I got my marksman badge homie BUT that’s pretty damn accurate given my experience

I remember in basic training the dude shooting next to me was sighting my target. The instructor counted the holes after and asked if I had a magic clip. But he DID hit the target

Lol, it’s really not that different in the Corps. I use to love going to the range and watching Sgt’s almost cry when they’d be close to or actually fail.

The Air Force is a great choice OP, just bustin your balls a little.

Yea, but y’all get to play with more better toys … I only qualified on the M-16 and a 9mm

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it was a toss up for me between the AF and Marines tbh … AF edged out due to the plush accommodations

The women are way better looking too…

Yea, but, like in the USMC, the ratio is not in any one dude’s favor - it’s something like 12:1.

I did a lot of my dating with civilian chicks. However, there were a lot of good lookin broads around the my duty stations.

OP - if you do enlist and get a chance, take some classes at the local college - you’ll get a chance to fraternize with civilian girls and the ratio is much more in your favor in that setting

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I was USAF. What kind of job type are you looking for? They have them all from laundry services to special forces (do a little search on pararescue). You better have done your research and have at least an idea of what you want. The USAF page has some interactive questions that help guide you to at least a category and then they tell you the school required, etc.

Bottom line is: Be Knowledgeable before you see a recruiter. They are quota based and dont give a fuck about you after you leave.

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To add to @studhammer’s post, try and think long term. If you plan to make a career of it, great. Try and make sure it’s the type of job you can see yourself doing for 20 years. If you’re a 1 enlistment kind of guy (lots are) then try and get a job that can translate into employment when you get out and/or can be built on using of the GI Bill.

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Seems like a pretty easy choice…

I’ve been around USAF and USMC. USAF seemed pretty chill. Good people in both branches.

I was thinking about pararescue or maybe SERE, if not that maybe something in Medicine since that would go along with the college credits that I already have. Also just from what I have heard though through my girlfriends dad (E-7 in the Navy) is that the Air Force is a more professional route to go, like I won’t be sitting in the baracks and have someone try to start shit with me, if that makes any sense.

From an outsider’s point of view, I would say the USMC has more pissed off young guys than the Air Force.

Also, I’ve seen a lot of Marines get jacked the fuck up by higher ranks and it’s something I haven’t really seen with the AF people. After talking with guys from each branch it seems the AF treats them more like adults.

Regarding the AF treating people more like adults - to which I’d say that all depends on your job and direct supervisors. There’s plenty of people I encountered who were condescending douchenozzles and, on the flip side, plenty of people who were supportive and helpful.

I can’t really say the ratio skewed more towards either overall, but depended largely on the environment (i.e. which shift you worked, if you were on the dog and pony route, if you were a fuck up, etc…)

Not to say you’re right or wrong, but speaking from my experience and the stories from guys who are still in

I agree. I’m not saying that’s how it is, but it’s what I have seen from my limited perspective.

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Keep in mind the Pararescue drop out rate is probably greater than 75%. I had a buddy who made it and served. But just to get considered…was extremely tough. The pipeline for this job is well over a year long and includes dive school, jump school, mtn climbing, scuba, field medicine and a TON of other shit.