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i'm probably going to enlist into the marines, and boot camp is 13wks. i'm going to talk to a recruiter as soon as i get a hold of my boy [he's been in for about 2yrs] and figure it out from there.
i believe he told me they've got a 4hr block on sundays to do what they want, and this is when i would train [ but i might be wrong, and no such block exists]in any event, i'm tryin to figure how much strength and explosiveness i stand to lose, if any?
i went from barely being able to dunk[i'm 5'9"]without touchin a weight, to punchin 2handed off of 1 step using heavy parrallel squats [about 6-8months] and powercleans [about 2-3months]. i dont think i'll lose much, cause MOST of it is natural, but i'm still kinda nervous.
anybody whos gone through a similar situation [ related to loss of strength, body mass, explosiveness,etc..]and has any input/advice would be of great help. oh yeah, i'm ADDICTED to liftin, and maybe in some perverse way, the time off will be beneficial?
thanks, flash


You won't want to be doing extra training during those few extra hours on Sunday. When you get there, keep your mouth shut and your ears open. Become buddies with your bunk mate and help each other out. Forget about fitness for a while because that will be the DI's business while you're there. What do you want for an MOS? The real shit starts AFTER boot camp.
Semper Fi, Devil puppy.


i dont know brotha, i talked to my boy this mornin [to get some answers] and am going to the recruiter tomorrow.
the problem is i have a ged, so i'm gonna be put on a 6month waitin list if i join the corps.so, i'm gonna rap with the air force guys[please dont laugh,please]and if they can get me out quicker, thats where im goin.and unless i can get a 2yr commitment [and my boy said i could only get a 4 in the corps] i'm probably gonna do the reserve thing.
keep you posted.


GaryE is right, do not worry aout your fitness while in boot camp. You will get plenty of exercise. You will probably lose some as they will concentrate more on endurance than size. You will want to lose some weight anyway as you will be required to perform alot of pull ups. Besides, you will want to spend your off time using the phones or going shoping etc. Why only a 2 year committment? Before you decide on the USAF just to save 2 years you need to decide what your long term goals are. And now a days reserves and national guard stand just as good a chance of deploying somewhere as the active duty people do .


the airforce is out of the question cause i've done acid and white, so i talked to the army.
i've got to get my legal situations taken care of [before i can join] but i think i'm gonna do that.
i could'nt get a 2yr deal[ i've got a ged] but i can get a 3yr deal. i'll probably go that route, as opposed to the reserves.
i left my boy a message and am about to holler at another friend who is a ranger, so i can weed out the bullshit.
thanks for listenin


Have you been processed yet? Over at MEPS they keep you ALL day, and don't feed you until around 1PM. You get there at 5:30 AM. Basically, my point is that the military doesn't give a flying fig about your mass issues.

I went to the Army, and their basic training is only slightly less than that of the Marines. It's all running and pushups and being yelled at. Forget about weights. You'll be too tired to care. Get through your nine weeks, and worry about that stuff later.

Like the earlier posts said, keep your mouth shut, ears open, and make friends. Their job is to break you. Your job is to get through it without attracting attention.


no i havent, i've got some egal issues that need addressing before i officially join.
thanks for the input. my boy said they dont do pullups in the army???
peace, flash


They don't have a pull-up test in the army but I'll be damned if I didn't have to do 10 each time before entering the chow hall... Then again, OSUT is different than BCT...