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Enlisting In Army. Advice/Insight? (Gear, MOS, etc.)



Unless MEPS doesn’t take my ass next week I’m swearing in Thursday.

Scored a 92 on ASVAB, went in wanting to do something in combat but folks encouraging me to do something higher up there that would “carry over” to civilian life after my contract ends.

Just finished up a test/mk677/arimidex/nolva/clomid cycle a couple days ago, will that show up on MEPS’ urine test? If not should I get some sort of cleansing product and pound water?

I respect the hell out of many people on here and I know many are current or prior service so anything you might have to share I’m open ears


To the best of my knowledge, no. The military does not test for steroids unless you give them reason to.


No it shouldn’t. But unfortunately, if you made really good gains on that cycle, you’ll probably lose half in basic.


So… why Army? Just curious. The other branches have some pretty cool jobs too. What did the ASVAB tell you about your strengths and aptitudes?


Couple of observations:

  1. Steroids are worthless to prep for the Army, or close to it. Maybe low dose test, if you think you could somehow consistently have access to it during training. It all about running, body weight things, and rucking, and being hazed. I could not even have hidden aspirin during basic. When actually deployed, I was always in a shithole where I worried about dying of infections from little cuts. Not the place to be injecting. Everything is always dirty in the sandbox, and Haji shits everywhere.

  2. Go to a “prep for service” websites. Memorize all the shit like “alpha = A, Lima = L”

  3. Don’t eat the frootloops/frosted flakes/whatever in the chow line. It’s a trap.

  4. Go sleep in a tent for a week before going. No AC.

  5. shave your head and get a sunburn on it. Use a fucking tanning lamp if you have to.

  6. Run and walk 5 miles every day. Do 500 push ups every day (not at a time). Do 50 pull ups every day. Learn to climb a rope.

  7. If you have a friendly gun store, have him teach you how to take apart an AR-15 and put it back together. It’s the same as an M4, less the fire selector/sear.

  8. A rifle is a rifle and a pistol is a pistol. A “gun” is either a fucking cannon or your dick. All are “weapons.”

  9. Go combat arms of some kind. REMFs suck my cock. You also get a better class of people who really want to be soldiers.

  10. Do not say “sir” to a SGT.

  11. Bring cough drops to basic. You scream a lot.

  12. Make sure your state of residence is TX or FL or some other state where there is no income tax.

  13. Learn how to do the dying cockroach.

  14. I will think of more later.


Being former military, enlist for what you want to do in the military. If you want to go in for a combat MOS do it don’t let someone influence you.


Exactly what bdocks75 said. Choose what job you want to do. As in look out for yourself in the long run. If you want infantry that’s 100% and perfectly fine, but if anything else, choose the job. Once you choose your job, then choose the branch. I’m prior USAF, and I won’t try to sway you towards that, but they sure as shit take care of you. Good luck man!:metal:t2: