Enlightening Day

I’m not even close to being a man. I’m a pathetic child. I wouldn’t talk to a girl today in a store because I looked pale and my arms are small. Tonight also happened to be my first workout with weights since the operation. Idiotic. While I was going through my workout, all I could think about was how weak I looked lifting such light weights. I felt the imaginary stares from everyone. Christ, I’m supposed to be intelligent. No one cares what I’m doing. Furthermore, I shouldn’t give a fuck if some asshole actually does. I thought I was past this bullshit. Obviously not. As they say, it’s back to the drawing board.

Just write “I’m doing rehab from major surgery” on your workout shirt in El Marko.

Feeling weak is bad enough on a guy. Try not to let it get you down, it’s only temporary.