Enlarged Jaw Muscles


I’m not sure if this is the correct forum, but it seems to be the most fitting (mods: feel free to move).

I naturally have very high testosterone levels. I began chewing gum extensively a few months ago, and my masseter muscles (the jaw muscle) grew like wild.

I had a nice and chiseled “V-like” jaw before that, now it looks really swollen and ugly as if I gained a few pounds and my wisdom teeth came out at the same time. This is because the muscle is bulging out.

I want my old jaw back!

It does not only look ugly, it also hurts and there’s tension in my jaw. Especially when doing push-ups. I’ve never noticed before that you also work out your facial muscles when doing push ups, but apparently I do.

Now, in order to get rid of the superfluous muscle tissue… I know there are surgical techniques and botox, etc, but before I use such extreme measures I want to try to restore my previous state on my own.

I already stopped chewing gum and stopped doing push ups.

I’ve heard there are muscle reduction exercises, but would they work on jaw muscles, too? And how do they work?

What about a diet and eating only soup for a couple of weeks? Surely, if you don’t exercise the jaw muscles and don’t chew anything, they should go back over time, shouldn’t they?

Any tips and thoughts?