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Enjoying The Journey


Hey guys, what's up.
My goal here is to become stronger, more balanced, more powerful. Currently I am doing a program training full body a few days a week, plus some cardio.

By reading this if you wish, you can get an idea of my mindset, training style, eating, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Feel free to read my log if you want. I'll get some pics on soon.



Exercise Log
Still feeling a bit sick, so decided to take it a bit easy. Only 3 sets
3 sets of 10 superset
pendlay rows 135. -Felt Really good on these.
Cable rope pulls to the face from the low position. Weight was at 80lb. I love these, started doing them a few weeks ago. Just like skullcrushers you have to do them with a controlled movement or obviously you'll smash it into your face.

Also did some squatting today. This time I just went with a form that felt most natural. Not going straight down, but not trying to sit back as far as possible either, just in the middle. Felt pretty strong. I didn't squat for a while because legs were starting to over power my upper body. I was doing so much stairs and that along with the squatting they were just growing like crazy.

Dinner: Came home and made chicken breast with some egg whites
2 hours later broke out some ground beef with rice and black beans. '
Rented Death to Smoochy tonight with Robin williams. Damn I love fridays.



Today's training. Back. Focused on upper back. Bent over rows with parallel torso. Sometimes even dipping upper torso below parallel on the negative 4 sets of 10. Used 115lb, almost time to move up in weight with these.
Standing cable rows. 4 sets superset with hang snatches.

Still taking it easy to recover from nagging cough. I refuse to stop training all together though. Got to keep pushing.
Winston Churchill: "If you're going through hell, keep going."