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Enjoyed Your "Kill the Dumb Diets" Article

Thanks for your article today :hugs:

I’ve been on an antiinflammatory diet and put mr guns on it, too. I’m a hard gainer so it’s a “fun” trip to the grocery store. It costs a bit more than “the Twinkie” diet :upside_down_face:.

There is so much ignorance out there. I am slowly gaining weight. A friend of mine gave me all his leftover Halloween candy before thanksgiving. I laughed and said, “I guess you view candy corn as a vegetable.”

Being on the anti inflammatory diet, I’ve noticed less ups and downs in mood, and it completely healed mr guns heartburn. He cheated and had some pizza the night before a game. He was up all night with heartburn, had no energy to play, feeling as if he had the flu. Needless to say pizza isn’t a regular in our house

Thanks for outlining this “way of life”.


It’s crazy. Pizza does the exact same thing to me. I remember talking with Ben Pakulski when we were in Tampa a few years ago and he said it did the same to him. The day after eating it was always achy, sluggish, and feeling like crap. I RARELY eat pizza now because despite the fact that I love it, I know the following day I’m going to pay for it and I just don’t think it’s worth it.


Add me to the list.

Last year I had gut issues the day after EVERY time I ate pizza. I thought it had to do with the fact that I was found to have a slight intolerance to yeast. But really, no other product containing yeast does that to me.

It got so bad that one day I even got a fever after having eaten pizza. I guess if nothing else, it helps me stay away from it seen as if I didn’t have any strong deterrent I’d probably be tempted to eat it every day lol.

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What about homemade Za? Tried the Texas Thin Crust recipe from John Berardi’s new book Gourmet Nutrition v2? That particular recipe is available in the free pdf sample of the book.

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@samul have you ever tried making a sourdough pizza? If you have yeast issues, it might be worth a try. I make my own sourdough pizzas cuz I hate tossing the discard after I feed it. I think ct had an article on sourdough awhile back. I try and mix up ways to incorporate sourdough. Note in case any of y’all wanna try making a cauliflower crust pizza, ya gotta buy a pizza stone-it’ll be soggy on a typical pan in the oven. If I make one I use the grill, too. Edit forgot mr guns has issues with heartburn regardless. If I do make one, I usually make sourdough just for me.

Hope everyone had a merry Xmas :hugs:

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But common sense doesn’t sell!!!1!1!1!!!

Interesting that pizza hits you all hard. My last very bad day, almost a depression feeling, happened after a home made cheese pizza. Shit was rough, and then I could talk to people again after a few days. I don’t feel like throwing around inflammatory lingo right now, but from my knowledge of delayed Immunoglobulin response, it’s safe to say that a cheat day can actually hit us hard for up to a week. YMMV

Totally. After my last real “cheat day” with pizza, it took about four days before I felt normal again. I still enjoy a pizza now and then but I find when I choose that particular food for my “cheat” that I pay for it for days on end. Not just my gut, but my overall mood and sense of well being.