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It is amazing the things that people try to build a link between.




Maybe it wasn't the preening and narcissistic gym culture that nurtures massages their dilusions, maybe it's the stark contrast of self-sacrifice and discipline next to preening and narcissism that makes them want to detonate fellow members of their race.

And I've seen the videos of Osama, that guy really could stand to build his traps up a little more.


Gee, no wonder I get stared at like I'm crazy.


Fuck, I really don?t know anymore what they want me to do, if I aspire to be a model citizen...


Well, let's see...you can't buy drugs because that somehow funds terrorism. You can't lift weights because you are in the company of terrorists. You can't speak against motives of the government because that gets your lines tapped. Maybe its time we all moved out.


Very interesting


Good idea...you first!


I bet that took like all morning to come up with.


Keep your eyes peeled guys -- no doubt they're in training as we speak.

When they start their diet phase, you'll know we probably only have around 4 to 6 weeks to act.

I suspect they'll be peaking around mid October....

Another Terrorist Attack Coming Soon?
(CBS) U.S. officials believe Canadian arrests over the weekend and three recent domestic incidents in the United States are evidence the U.S. will soon be hit again by a terrorist attack. Privately, they say, they'd be surprised if it didn't come by the end of the year, reports CBS News correspondent Jim Stewart in a CBS News exclusive.


No, actually it was just a natural reaction to your suggestion.



I think my entire gym may be on the verge of launching a jihad.

This entire article sounds like NAAFA propaganda.


Al-Qaeda gym sounds hardcore. Wonder if it's a powerlifting gym?


Pay more taxes. Uncle Sam loves your money.



"Is there something about today's preening and narcissistic gym culture that either nurtures terrorists or massages their self-delusions and desires?"

Bodybuilding gyms most certainly build narcissism and self-delusions. The conceit could fill canyons.

But nurturing terrorists? Nonsense - they are training to be terrorists, as soldiers for their brand of fighting. No more, no less.

"Today's gym culture seems like the perfect vehicle for nurturing the combination of narcissism and loathing of the masses necessary to carry out a terrorist suicide mission. If some of these attackers viewed their own bodies as pure instruments, and everyone else as wasteful and deserving of punishment, they could just as well have come to that conclusion through absorbing the healthy-living agenda of the gym as by reading the Quran. At the gym, Atta, Khan, and the others could focus on perfecting the self, the body, as a pure and righteous thing?and hone their disdain for others."

Wow - maybe we should shut down higher education as well, as I know plenty of young spoiled brats who have a high disdain for others. After all, we wouldn't want them to become terrorists.

"So, should we shut down all gyms in the name of fighting terrorism? Of course not. It's a ludicrous idea. But no more ludicrous, perhaps, than the infiltration of Western mosques."

Ludicrous indeed, like the entire article. Mosques are places where ideology breeds. The gym is where the ideologue trains to get physically stronger. Without the gym, you have nothing more than a rabid ideologue who only bench presses 95 pounds instead of 200 pounds.

Ideology makes terrorists, period. And folks wonder why the media is so terrible these days.