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Enhanced Lifters Using Best Damn Workout Plan Part 2?

Hello Christian

Slightly weird question, but I’m going to be starting a low dose 12 week Test cycle for cutting soon. I enjoy short, heavy lifting sessions and I recently read this article and immediately decided that I want to try it out.

I’ll be eating at a 20-25% calorie deficit, and will be starting with 2 x 30 minutes of steady state cardio. Even though this is directed towards natural lifters, is there anything at all you’d change for enhanced users wanting to use this program, whether it be for cutting or lean muscle building? Or should the enhanced lifter use the program as set out?

Many thanks for your help!

Well jut because enhanced lifters can get away with more volume doesn’t mean that they would not get an even better response from a lower volume/higher intensity plan. If the best damm program works very well for natural lifters, I expect even better gains for enhanced lifters.

Plus, on a caloric deficit you should lover volume anyway.