Enhanced Androsol Potency??

My friend just bought a bottle of Androsol and he previously had Nor-Andro Fuel pills (19-Norandrosteindione), a month’s supply. He hasn’t taken any of the pills, and when he bought the Androsol, he decided to do a little chemistry and add the Nor-Andro pills (powder only) into the Androsol and it is totally dissolved now. He just finished his first week on the “Enhanced Androsol” as he likes to call it, and has gained 6lbs. of mass. I’ve heard and seen improvements off Androsol like those (eating like an animal and taking plenty of Surge), but can his gains come from that extra Nor-Andro or what? At first I thought it was just a waste, but is the Androsol more potent?

The 19-norandrostenedione probably
increases efficacy a little bit – but
not necessarily by much and the gains
he’s had are often achieved with unmodified
Androsol. However, the 19-norandrostenedione
(not diol, as in Nandrosol) is quite likely
to give him gyno. Unfortunate, but true.