Englnad Rugby World Champs!!!!!!!!

GO on the lads what a great performance, at last Englnad have a truly world class team in sport

Who is Englnad?? Is it near England?? :slight_smile:

I can see Drop goals being dropped to 1 point.
You cant have a one man team winning the world cup.
Bores me to tears…
I must say the final was the best english game to watch, or Englnish…
At least the aussies beat them in the league the next day

I thikn he maent “anglenad”, which is waht you get aftre gettign kicked in the balls a few times durign rubgy games…

It was a fucking GREAT game… pitty we lost but awesome nonetheless

Hahaha drop goals getting reduced to 1 point? I wonder why none of the Kiwis were saying this when Andrew Merhtens was running hot.

“Englnad” - Nordic term for one “nad”.

That being said, I accidentally surfed by that rugby match and caught the end of it.

The dudes are studs. No pussy pads, no 3 minute long TV timeouts where everyone stands around doing nothing.

It was refreshing.

The guys are insane, and could potentially become testosterone donors due to an obvious overload of it, but ya gotta admire the nad.