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English Tea (Lowery or Barr)


1 Bag Green Tea
1/4 cup skim milk
1 Tablespoon Splenda

Would this change the benefits of the tea as far as fat loss or antioxidant consumption?

I tried it and it can be a nice change. The milk enhances the flavor of the green tea. Just curious if it effects it...

-Get Lifted


I'm no expert,so take this with a grain of salt.

Calcium and caffeine balance eachother out,have one with the other and you're at square one.It's a matter of quantity.


Green tea with milk!!?? Yuck!

It's also sacrilege.


I'd mostly worry about the CHO's from the milk, but at that quantity they're negligible.

Should be fine... freak.


Spoken like a true Brit. Makes you wonder if Lifted puts tea over water vs. water over tea... the barbarian.


Alright, Alright...

Just being creative...!

I got the idea from a friend who was visiting England. :wink:

I was only showing how much of a TEA-MAN I am.

But fine...

I'll just drink Tea as it was meant to be had.

How do people italicize type and bold them on this site like Barr did with Freak?

"Don't look at me... Don't look at me"

(Staggering, and covering my face as I vanish into the abysmal fog... wailing with the unholy screams of a thousand decadent, prisoner slaves.)

-Get Lifted


He obviously didn't note the fact that the tea used in England is black, huh?

Good boy!

Substitute your "<" and ">" for "[" and "]". Use "b" for bold, "u" for underlined, and "center" to center the text. Of course, "i" for italics.

[center]See what I mean?[/center]


Oh no, he demonstrated it with black tea. But he also mentioned it would work with other teas as well. Since green Tea is soo great I used that instead of black tea and I liked it. :wink: I just learned how to make English tea and I made my own variation.(I failed to mention that though:P) LOL

Long live "Englitch Tea"

-Get Lifted