English Question

If an organization was in existence but then cancelled and you helped reinstate it could you call yourself the Founder? Refounded isn’t a word so should I just say Founded or is there another word I’m not thinking of?

Back when I was in school an professional student organization existed 2 years before my time but lack of interest and stability caused them to miss payments and not actually be a part of the National Organization. I then took over as President and got it back on track. Can I say President and Founder than or just President?

I would say no - it could be said that the organization was simply on hiatus. Unless you are under a new name or completely different constitution, I would just go with President.

you’re not the founder. if you’re writing a statement, however, you could mention that you revived the organization.

I would call the National Organisation and ask who they list as the founder. You want to make sure your story is straight with the group that oversees your program.

I’m guessing this is for a resume, so I would explain further after the heading, that you either Revitalised, Resurrected or Reincarnated a defunct student group.

I’m assuming you’re trying to put this on a resume?

Sounds like a legal call, not an English call. Did the organization legally cease to exist? Or was is just suspended or, as a poster above stated, on hiatus? If it legally ceased to exist, then you may be justified in calling yourself the founder of the new organization. If you are putting it on a resume, you want to err on the side of caution, however, because resume fraud allegations are not something you want to be dealing with down the road.

It’d have to be a brand new organisation for you to be the Founder. I like the idea of ‘Supreme Commander’ or ‘The One True God King’… but President will probably suffice.

Can’t be a founder when you didn’t found it.

President only.

^your logic is flawless