English class

What’s with this guy and his english lessons? Son, nobody thinks you’re smart for noticing every little typing mistake.

No kidding. I wish that guy would just shut the hell up. He is pissing everyone off! Oh wait, I am the one grading people. Actually, now that I think about it, it is a great idea! My God, I must be very smart. I need to start a LightandFluffy think tank. However, the whole scheme would fall apart before it started if Diesel didn’t think I was smart. I think my confidence would be shaken. I couldn’t come back from that sort of rejection. By the way Diesel, would you care to try your hand at an argument?

Liiiiigggghhhhttttt oooooooonnnnnnnnnnndddddd fluuuuufay ( said really gay sounding ) talkin’ some shit. Although I agree that some of the grammar and spelling is out of control, how ridiculous would it be to proof read an argument on an anonymous post? Why bother? I still get the gist of the situation with a couple of misspelled words and I certainly don’t feel like proof reading every lil thing I write.

The pronounciation of my name, LightandFluffy, is no laughing matter. This name should be pronounced with reverence and awe. It is a name that denotes strength, stamina, and erudition. I like to challenge people to expand their minds. I encourage them to watch their grammar closely. For instance, lil is not a word. For that you are fined 25 demerits. You are to be assigned to latrine duty.

when someone reads something that they feel a need to respond to they should respond naturaly. not think about spelling and grammer. knowledge has NOTHING to do with inteligence. you can teach a parot to talk but you can’t teach him to think.

Lightandfluffy, you get an A for being an asshole. I saw that “grammer” mistake you made in the other post, hilarious stuff. Keep up the good work.

The part about being an asshole was kind of harsh. I sobbed for several hours. I ended up drinking myself into a stupor. When I awoke from my massive hangover, I decided, hey Steve must really like me. If he didn’t he wouldn’t be making fun of me. He sure wouldn’t be following me from thread to thread. Steve, I appreciate all the love and sincerity that you have shown. However, no matter how much I care about you, I still have to grade you. I’m sorry but you get a straight D. Starting a post off with the word asshole is not only rather spiteful, but it flies in the face of all of Robert’s Rules of Order. Please no more hurtful thoughts or feelings. I can’t take it.

i. I am deeply troubled by your post. Where do I start? First of all, you mis-spelled “parot, inteligence, naturaly.” For that alone you get an F. My God man, your post was four sentences sentences long and you had three gross spelling errors. You also failed to capitalize the first word of any of your sentences. You get an F-. To top it all off, your logic shows that you are deeply disturbed. The idea that knowledge has nothing to do with INTELLIGENCE (See the correct spelling) is ludicrous. Finally, the whole PARROT thing left me scratching my head. Now if you can teach a PARROT to speak, it would NATURALLY follow that a human should be able to type in clear and concise English. Please respond when you have retaken grade K through 12.

LightandFluffy, why don’t you go back to teaching english to 3rd graders. By the way, you responded to I’s post wrong. You don’t begin with i then a period. How is that a sentence?

This thread is an insult to English students everywhere and I feel disgraced that I must stoop to such a level in order to defend my chosen area of study. Lighten up, ya’ll…and if you suck at spelling, use a spell check.

Hey light fluffy fuck face, why dont you just chill with the criticism and the grades. Does it really matter to you that someone is typing and doesnt spell a word right because he/she is trying to get their thoughts on the screen and before they lose them. Jesus, let me guess people made fun of you when you were a child? Fucking cock.

I have dealt with lil Virgin bitches like you. You are so tight that when I finally fuck you I am going to slide it in your ass. That way I won’t mind that chastity belt your father makes you wear. Your just a whore in training. See you in the Red Light District.

ltnflufy, you don’t get it. you never will.do me a favor and look up INTELLIGENCE. better yet check out mensa.

ur a cock…stop being an English teecher…or ill put my genitals in yoor ass until u cry teers of pane…im going to go back to reeding mensa and REEL inteligance things…

I find it more than a little funny that Lightandfluffy’s detractors try and call him out only to make utter fools of themselves. Somedays it’s just too easy. And D_END, you seem strangely preoccupied with male-male anal sex. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…I just hope you’re being safe. Happy plugging!

Okay, so you’re typing away, trying to get your thoughts down before they vanish into the ether. You finally get done, sit back and wipe the sweat from your fevered brow. There are a few spelling mistakes, and you left out a period or two, but basically your post makes sense. No problem.

Now, here’s my suggestion: BEFORE YOU HIT THE SEND BUTTON, why not take another moment or two to read back over what you’ve written, and maybe correct those few errors? It won’t hurt that much, and it’ll make people happy. Maybe even happy enough that they’ll answer your post, instead of automatically disregarding it as being insultingly lazy.

Any problems with my little proposal? Just curious…

It is to bad that you feel that insults will get you a better grade. All it does is make me sad. However, just to let you know, very few people have dared make fun of me to my face. The fact that you cannot spell dinosaur correctly, coupled with the intent to harm, and the use of profanity forces me to give you a D-. Keep trying.

Bad. Bad. Bad.

You two summed it up nicely. Some people become very disturbed when you hold their feet to the fire. These posters just can’t seem to clean up their spelling (not to mention their language). You two know that how you express yourself is a direct reflection of your intelligence. If you can’t express yourself clearly, it is obvious that you can’t think clearly. I invite you to join me in the quest to educate and instruct people to use clear and concise language. Thanks.

It must be all those movies with Bad cops ie, American Me, Shawshank, Sleepers, etc… And how do you know that light and fluffy is a male??? Does demo have an alter ego? :slight_smile:

Char-dawg is right…a few minutes to check your spelling and grammar. I do a cursory check and don’t go too detailed. Typing it out in word is also a good idea, then just cut and paste. As for light and fluffy he doesn’t give a flying fuck about anyone’s grammar, spelling and syntax. He just likes to argue and feel superior by grading people’s English proficiencies. No doubt he’s going to harshly rebuke me for this post but at the least he’s amusing…for now. :slight_smile: