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England's Strongest u90kg Man Comp


Just a few pics I took, sorry no result to go with them :frowning:


More from same comp


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Ben France who did an excellant job as MC and referee


First half of Farmers walk medley: 2x120kgx 20m with these followed by 2x115 steel suitcase for the return trip


Thick bar squat 200kg for reps


200kg thick bar squat



1. Farmer's walk medley

2. Max Log lift

3. 280kg Yoke race

4. 230kg Deadlift for reps (I think the winner got 14 reps!)

5. Overhead medley in any order:

 53kg Circus DB
 92kg keg
 64kg Circus DB
 105kg Appolon's Axle
 120kg truck tyre Barbell

6. Thick bar squat 200kg for reps

7. Stones

Pawel Oiszewski
Liam Hunt
Mark "Pagan" Hodgson
Shane Jemen
Paul McCaffrey
Anthony Stott

Jonny "Boar" Wignall
Richard Mini
Eric Sahin
Richard Scott

Chris Bundell
Glen Kerr
Arran Eghoyan
Lewis Courage
Graham Baker

Reigning Champ: James Ward
Guest Lifter: Brandon McDonald (North America's Strongest Man u90kg)


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impressive stuff


In Salt Ayre sport cente Lancaster


More pics here: