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England: RAF Lakenheath RAF Mildenhall


I have a possible job offer at RAF Mildenhall in England. I was wondering if any of you in the UK might be willing to tell me how much the USAF bases have changed since 2003. I was there for 11 years, but after 9/11/2001 things were adapting at a rapid pace. I love my friends in the UK, Geilenkirchen, Germany, etc.

Anyone out there with some insight?



I think they repainted the lines in the car park, oh yeah and they have got pepsi instead of coke in the canteen now

Since 2003? Theres definately a bigger fence now, and some massive concrete bollards at the main entrance. oh, and more men with guns standing around.

Oh yeah I should also mention that they are less receptive to brown men with beards driving up to the gates


I was coming on base one morning in early 2002, and they had just inspected a lorry & found some people smuggled in the lock box area underneath the truck. The SPs were intense as the refugees were stumbling out of the truck.

Supposedly, the driver didn’t know they were there. The story went that the refugees climbed into the truck in France, before it cleared customs into the UK. Apparently, the refugees didn’t know the truck was headed for RAF Lakenheath. Bad truck choice. Bad day.