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England And Gear

I have some family that travels to Europe and England often. I have talked to the about gear and they are receptive to bringing some back to the states. I thought that gear was legal to purchase over there. True?

If so where would the best retailer be and what would the best way to find one? What about bringing it back? Mail it back
or carry on luggage. Legally is this in the felony class of crimes to bring it in USA?



It’s not legal to sell gear here, but it is elsewhere in Europe.

Good luck trying to import into the states.

What countries in Europe?


What about mailing it back?

Legally its a felony if you get to the US with it.

Just mail it back in a small package.

Most, if not all, European Union countries require a prescription for aas. Turkey, Bulgaria and the Balkan states are the least regulated with tourist areas having most accessibility.

T3/T4, clen, Albuterol, SERMS etc can be obtained more easily in some E.U. but definitely not the UK.

Do not ask anyone to carry anything back for you!

Thanks all for the information.