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Engineering Student Looking to Interview/Survey Lifters About Their Journey


I’m an engineering student with a passion for electronics and weightlifting and I’m working on a small device to assist people with their bench press. I’m looking to conduct primary research to see if there is an actual need for this device and if I should develop it further.

I’ve got a short survey (https://forms.gle/YNEVs1XKUzDdvkph7) that I’m intending to use to screen for interview candidates so I can conduct some 1-on-1’s to find out more about people’s weightlifting journey and challenges, as well as specific questions related to form and the bench press. The end goal is to find out if enough people would benefit from this device.

If you weightlift or have an interest in potentially weightlifting (or even just work with or around weightlifters), I’d really appreciate it if you could fill out this survey. It will take no more than 5 minutes. I’ll be selecting candidates for interviews based on your responses and the type of people I need to interview, but even if you’re not selected, the information will be super useful!

Those selected will be compensated a modest $10 CAD via Paypal or Amazon giftcards (unfortunately I’m still a student with a student budget, but I believe you deserve something for your time!).

Thanks, and may you break many PR’s!

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Describe it along the lines of Powerlifting or getting a massive bench or chest/pecs and you’ll get more traction. Weightlifters are them dudes in the Olympics

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What is the purpose of this device?
Also during the development of this device will anyone with say a degree involving sport and exercise science be involved?
You know someone who has studied kinesiology or human movement?