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Engineering New Muscle

5/28 Legs

Maybe the toughest leg workout I have done yet.
Seated leg curl machine was weird. The seat moved with me and the weight did not feel like 180 lbs (which I can’t do on a “regular” leg curl)

SSB squat weights based off 70 pound bar but there are no markings on the gyms bar to indicate what it weighs.
Left out smith machine lunges as both smiths were taken this morning.


Banner ad for the Memorial Day alpha male sale got me. Ordered 2 more bottles and some of the Superfood.
Alpha Male is the best supplement I have ever used (and I have tried a lot). Biotest did an awesome job and have converted me to their brand.


May 30
I’ll call it a functional training day
Spent about 6 hours landscaping the front of my house.
Moved 48 landscaping bricks and 65 bags of mulch multiple times. Also essentially sumo deadlifted some stubborn draceyna trees (only about 1-2” thick) out the ground because my cheap shovel broke.

I got the compliment “you haven’t looked this hot to me in awhile” from my wife so win-win.


May 31

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June 1
Preworkout meal: Overnight Oats with Kefir, Greek yogurt and blueberries
Great workout

Tried to get a decent picture of my back. Think I need to add width to the lats and learn how to pose better


June 2nd: Rest Day - had planned on legs but sleep was crap and I don’t want to get injured now that I am making progress again.

I bought Meadow’s “Warlock” program as a break from the intensity of “Thanos” when I get done with it (10 weeks to go) before I go into something hard and advanced again. I am thinking either “Annihilation Wave” or “Gamma Bomb” for this fall.

Question for you:
It appears from your log that you eat very little carbs most days yet expend a tremendous amount of energy. Do you ever experience hypoglycemia from that? And if you do how do you remedy it?

Hey man.

I’m not being pedantic or cryptic at all when I say this: what are the symptoms of hypoglycemia such that I would know if I am experiencing it?

Can be dependent on the person, but usually dizziness, shaking or trembling of hands/feet, sometimes rapid heart rate, feeling excessively cold.

I am asking because I am taking a hard look at my diet to try and control blood glucose and manage my extremely high triglycerides (going down slowly but were 5000 at one point) but since I am diabetic and on insulin, I worry a bit about hypoglycemia.

I can’t say I’ve ever experienced that from training. After those 100 burpees with the vest, my hands were a little trembly, and I had some dizziness issues I was dealing with as a result of blood pressure a while back, but never everything all put together like that.

Though I keep the carbs on the low side, I eat so much food in general that I feel like I’m picking up enough “accidental” carbs to keep me in the safe zone. Nuts/nut butters and veggies are contributing there, along with greek yogurt.

When I’m cutting weight, I DO make an effort to eat a serving of breakfast cereal before my heaviest training days, as I found it helpful.

Thanks for the reply and that makes sense. That was kind of the approach I am looking to take too. Have enough veggies and nuts to make up the loss and have some carbs for breakfast (~50) to prime for the day.

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6/3 Arm day

Pump from this is insane. The superset method for arms works wonders. I could barely comb my hair when I was done.

Probably will have a few days off coming up. Traveling to Wisconsin this weekend.

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Got back from my trip to Wisconsin on Sunday and finding it very difficult to hit the gym this week. I know the reason. My Uncle, who is basically my second father, and who got me deep into lifting weights is in the hospital fighting for his life. He has apparently been having mini heart attacks for about 2 years and the doctors initially put 5 stents in. Those subsequently failed and he had a massive heart attack. Had to be moved to a bigger facility and was almost lost during transport. The doctors did another emergency surgery where they put some sort of pump in his heart. Right now he is on ECMO life support (a machine that basically becomes your heart, pumps blood in through the jugular vein and takes it out through the caratoid artery) and on dialysis with kidney failure. Only time will tell if he can overcome this. Some days lately have been better than others, but at the very least it looks like he will likely need a heart and kidney transplant.He’s only 55… And my father is getting bypass surgery on the 22nd.

Anyway, I tried to going the gym and got to emotional as my connection with and him and weights is heavily intertwined. Might try some band work at home just to get something in. Hard to focus on training right now.

Back at the gym today. Uncle is still on life support but the docs say showing progress that needs to happen for him to get on the heart and kidney transplant list.

Workout 6/11/21

Great workout. Not to long and an excellent pump. Felt my rear delts pumped for probably the first time ever. Those high rep sets are no joke.

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Tonight’s dinner:
Bison burgers with cheddar and tomato cucumber salad.


are those onions raw?

Basically pickled. The salad has red wine vinegar and olive oil in it and then you let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours.

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I also made homemade beef jerky in my air fryer (has a dehydrate function) from sirloin steak filets. So much better than the store bought stuff.

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I am in that phase now where I am constantly hungry and want to eat everything in sight. The disadvantage to being “XXL” (pushing 3X in arms and shoulders) is it takes so many calories to fuel muscle growth.
Ordering almond butter and a few other calorie dense food this week to keep the numbers up.


Preworkout weight on gym scale: 270 lbs

Edit: Dumbbell Pullover went up 5 pounds from previous workout, pull downs also felt quite strong.

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