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Engineering New Muscle

Beef Stick and a bowl of blueberry cheerios (not the greatest, but hey sometimes one needs to spoil ones’ self).
Snack: Apple and protein shake
Lunch: Leftover cauliflower and sausage from last night, with a cheese stick.

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Off the lifting topic but didn’t quite fit the theme of flame free thread:
I am starting to learn Arabic because I am either an overachiever or glutton for punishment. I hope that learning to read right to left will actually help my math skills too (seeing the equation from both directions sometimes makes things simpler).


Fixed it for ya :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Arabic is awesome though. Little bro is really into middle eastern stuff and tried over the summer

Just ordered two bottles of Alpha Male. Hopefully leads to fat loss and more. 1 week until I can go back to the gym (+2 weeks post 2nd Covid vaccine dose).

There seems to be some research that increases IGF-1 also lowers insulin resistance (which I need as a diabetic). @T3hPwnisher what’s been your experience with Alpha Male?

Biggest thing I noted (once it was pointed out to me by others) was how difficult it was to accumulate bodyfat while using it. I’ve pushed my calories up a TON and have stayed lean throughout. I finally have SOME more bodyfat on me, but I would have anticipated much more given the circumstances.

The 5 on/2 off schedule can get a little cumbersome. My biggest issue is that you’re supposed to take the second dose on an empty stomach, and I eat so frequently that I pretty much never have one, haha.


Are we supposed to quarantine after the vaccine? I haven’t heard that?

I have got a simile problem. I tend to graze throughout the day.
I am looking to drop my body fat percentage hopefully eliminating some visceral fat in the process (I have dealt with non alcoholic fatty liver since I was a teen).

No quarantine required, but they say full effectiveness of the vaccine takes up to two weeks.
Edit: I have been avoiding the gym for a few months since I am high risk and people in Florida are generally being stupid about things.

Posting this here for future reference and to not clog up other threads:
Untangling the effect of insulin action on brain mitochondria
and metabolism
Zinc Transporters and IGF-1

First day back at the gym in awhile thanks to the scourge that shall not be named.
Pull Day
Nautilus pull down 3x112 8,8, 7
Landmine row 3x95 13L, 12R; 11L, 11R, 10 each
Nautilus pullover 3x 165 12, 11, 11 plus partials and one drop
Rear delt machine flye 3x80 -8,8,8 really struggled on these, felt like my blood sugar was crashing hard

Rope hammer curls 3x71.5 12, 11, drop set

Drag Curls 3x60 9, 8, 8
Again got shaky here, may have to add some simple intraworkout carbs.


Leg day
Lying leg curl 3x110-11,10,8 + partials and iso hold
Leg press 4x550-12,12 9,6
Standing calf raise BW+100 8,8,8 at 222 tempo
Hack squat (deep) 3x260-11, 10, 9

Spent after this. As usual less than 2 minutes between most sets.

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May 13 Push
Slight incline bench DBell press 1x70-11, 3x80-9,8,8
Machine Flye 1x100-15, 2x160-9, 1x160-8 and partials
Close grip bench 1x135-10, 1x185-7+iso hold, 1x135-8 + iso
Dual tricep rope press downs 3 sets to failure plus 1 drop
Side laterals 3x20s-11
Heavy partial side laterals 2x40s -9,9

Don’t think I ate enough breakfast before the gym. Lost endurance quickly.


Idk about your endurance but that’s a heavy frickin DB bench press for 9 reps!

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Dbell bench has always been strong for me, I think it’s because I have strong shoulders. I struggle a lot with the barbell bench though. I think something is off with my technique/long limbs. I feel like for close grip bench I should be able to do more than listed above, but my chest was already fairly fatigued I guess.
I also typically only rest about 1 minute between sets.

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Also - thank you.

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Active growth (rest) day
3.3 miles walking around with parents
25 min yoga


5/18 Push Day
Nautilus Decline Press 1x204-12, 2x254-8, 6 1x204-10 + iso hold
Cable Flye 4x60- 11, 12, 10, 10
Neutral Grip DB flat press (holding DBs together) 1x40-12, 3x50s - 10, 10, 9
“10 and 2” shoulder raises 4x20s - 12, 12, 11, 10
Tricep Rope press downs 3x77 - 10, 9, drop set

Edit: Weighed it at 287lbs this morning

Felt big at the gym today. Tried to take pics but they did not turn out as well as I hoped.


Also, I am on week 3 (just started) of taking Alpha Male. That supplement is top notch. I notice on the 5 “on” days, my vascularity is better and overall my energy levels have been up with no increase in sleep or change in diet (in fact, I have cut back caffeine). Can’t wait to see full effects after a few more weeks on (Biotest says 4 weeks for maximal effect).

@T3hPwnisher do you take the full dose of 4 capsules per day? I am taking two on the first dose and 1 on the second (trying to save a bit of money).

This is what I’ve been doing. 2 and 2 both are supposed to be on an empty stomach, but I don’t notice much difference either way. I think TC has an article about some different ways to take it. The Next Best Thing to Testosterone Injections | T NATION

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Well yeah not only you did DB work, but flys on top. Your chest was smoked! Especially for a comeback to the gym: the chest is not a very often used muscle in everyday life. When i first started doing Bench second, it performance really suffered, now it’s almost the same!

This also explains it, especially for tough sets of 7-10 reps

No shit, you’re a 287 lbs absolute unit :joy:

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My MMA fighting nickname was “Colossus” after the X-men character and my fraternity brothers called me “Tree Trunk”. Lol. The last time I was “small” was as a sophomore in high school (16 years ago) and I was still 215 lbs.

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