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Engineering New Muscle

This looks like it’d be a lot cheaper to mix yourself, just a FYI if money is tight.

Yeah, likely. I don’t buy it unless it’s on sale and I have an extra coupon - than I stock up. This go round i bought two bottles and they came out to about $12 each which I can handle.

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I don’t buy premixed supplements because I think it is a waste of money. However, if I were going to, I wouldn’t mind supporting Ronnie.

Yeah, I thought about editing my post with something to the tune of “not trying to keep money out of Ronnie’s pocket” but that almost felt like virtue-signalling. Just trying to care for a fellow community member felt like it was enough to offset the negative side-effects as far as my morals go at least. :woman_shrugging:

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Well, I think Ronnie has a load of money. I do really like the guy and his never quit attitude. Also, I think a lot of the current BBers could take some lessons from him on how to be an ambassador for the sport. I don’t have kids, but if I did, I would have no issues with Ronnie being a role model (aside from the steroid use, which they would likely not understand). I can’t say that about a lot of the current guys.

FWIW, I don’t buy any BBing supplements other that protein powder which I buy at ALDI for about 1/3 the cost of most protein powders. I think for the most part it is a waste of money.

I agree that some supplements are a waste of money. I try to keep the list pretty short. I stay away from any of the super high stimulant pre-workouts - they just make me jittery. The Agmatine was on clearance and at $5 bucks a bottle I decided to give it a try. Not sold yet on the effectiveness. The NO shot does help with the pump.
I also use BCAAs and multivitamin. Some people think BCAAs are crap, but I know at least anecdotally that I am a lot less sore if I take a dose in the morning and before bed.

September 17th:

Growth Day

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September 18th
I have every other Friday off (I work a 9/80 schedule) so more time to lift today.

Push day, more tricep and shoulder focus than chest

Close grip bench: 1x135-16 warmup, 1x175x13, 2x225-5, 1x135-15 (rest pause style with hard contraction at top)
Incline Flyes: 45lb DB 4x9,9,8,9
Incline DB Bech: 65lb DBs 4x10,9,9,8
Reverse Grip Tricep Pressdowns: 1x100-15, 2x120-10,9, 1x120 down to 30 lbs drop set
Side lateral raises. 1x20lb-12, 2x25lb-9
Y-raises with 25lb plate. 1 set rest pause to 50 reps
Reverse pec-deck flyes: 3x120-9,9,7

Busy day today
Yard work
Built a small wind turbine for a volunteer project
Short grocery run.

Set a goal for myself to build arms to a walking around size of 20”. Currently at 18.5” not pumped.
Chest is already close to 50” and can push it over the edge easily.

Getting a bit leaner would be nice, but since I am on insulin I don’t know if it’s going to be possible.


I love that as a type of goal. I have never thought about it that way - but it gets to the “do you look like you lift” directly.

Very true. I think it will be doable naturally for me (I have never run gear and don’t intend to).
Always loved bodybuilding style training even though I don’t want to compete as one.

Sept 19-21st growth “off” days
Took one more day off in a row than I wanted to this morning. Wife was not feeling well last night so sleep didn’t come early enough (I put family > training).

Goals moving forward for training frequency: Target is 5 days per week, minimum is 3.

May do something easy at home this evening (some yoga practice).

Tomorrow is pull day with heavy focus on building the yoke.

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Sept 22nd

Preworkout nutrition
1 finnibar (thanks Biotest)
Supplements same as above

Pull Day
Lat Pulldowns (after warmup)
3x140 -6-4-4 Rep Scheme (6 reps, short pause, 4 reps, short pause 4 reps)
1x120 - 10
Bent Over Smith Machine Rows - Strict
1x135-16, 1x185-9, 2x225-5,4, 1x135-12
Dumbbell Pullovers (Personal Favorite)
4x80lb- 10, 10, 9, 9
Dumbbell Shrugs
3x80lbs each arm - 10,10,8
Face Pulls
1x90-15, 1x120-12, 1x140-9
Bicep Curl “21s” (7 bottom half reps, 7 full reps, 7 top half reps)
2x50lb EZ-curl Bar

Post workout:
1 scoop whey protein
2 string cheese
1 payday bar
1 Jack Link’s beef stick.

So off day yesterday.

Also, won’t be going to the gym for at least 3 days now. Wife was tested for COVID this morning. I have no symptoms but really don’t want to ruin the gym for everyone else if she does test positive.

Work is making me stay home until her test comes back too.

Back to yoga/body weight stuff I guess.

Just when I was starting to make gains too…

And home gym equipment has completely sold out too.
If you have a kettlebell or even a heavy dumbbell, you could start the 10,000 Swing Challenge. Itll definitely keep you in shape until you’re ready to leave the house again.

Unfortunately don’t have much other than a yoga mat here. Test results in 3-5 days so not too much of a delay.

Wife did not have that which should not be named so back to the gym this morning

Sept 28 Legs

Squat Machine (plate loaded):
1x135 warmup
Probably should have done another set at 225 before bumping up. First heavy squats since last fall.

Leg Extensions 1x120-12, 3x140-11,9,9

Leg Press machine calf raises (cable machine where the seat with you in it slides up the track)
4x200 plus body weight - 10, 9, 9, 8 slow tempo (2s ecc, 2s conc)

Sumo RDL with 2 44 lb kettlebells
4-10,9,9,7 (30 sec between sets).

Edit: first time ever doing any sort of RDL. Hits the muscle way differently than I expected. May have a new favorite leg exercise.


That’s great new and the few days off won’t have affected progress!

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Sept 29,
Rest day - maybe some easy yoga/tai chi later.