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Engineering New Muscle

My friend was on lexapro for a while. Ppl got concerned that she had an eating disorder bc she was losing weight.

She didn’t. It fucked with her digestion and she was nauseous all the time


50 minutes climbing 🧗‍♂️ at the place I am a new member.

Tough workout especially when one is as big as me. Might give me motivation to lean out. If I can get strong enough to do those upside bouldering hangs I will be happy.



70 minutes climbing at the gym today. Hands are raw but I managed to “send” (climbing has as much lingo as lifting) 3 decently challenging boulder routes.

The last two days I have definitely been the biggest one there by at least 50 lbs.

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60 minutes at the climbing gym. Got the route I couldn’t get on Tuesday but my left forearm is sore and shaky :frowning: Hopefully I didn’t injure it.

Route I climbed in black below

I am starting to see why climbers aren’t typically 285 lbs

Update: forearm feels better. Must have just tried too much in too short a span today.


Took my daughters to the climbing gym tonight. Mostly just helped them climb, but managed to flash a couple routes.

Also made it to the top of the taller wall at the gym. Big step for me, being afraid of heights.

Adding some lifting in here?, or just some burpees to help with the climbing…?

Lifting has taken a back seat but want to add it back in soon.

Good for you. How tall is it? My uncle works at a climbing gym and will usually take us when we go visit. I thinkk there’s 30ft and 60ft walls, plus short ones for boldering (is that what it’s called?).

Haven’t made my way to the 60ft ones yet…I prefer to stick a little closer to the ground, haha.

I think they are around 30 feet. It’s definitely not 60. That would scare the crap out of me too.

The bouldering walls at my gym are only up to 12 feet so you can jump off without a rope